Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year's Eve!

we are having our first date night tonight...
well not a full "night" per-say.

Durham will spend a couple hours at his grandparents so mommy & daddy can have dinner.
I hope I can even make it out of their driveway... wonder if I can talk the hubs into just having a picnic on my parents front yard. haha

one last year in review before 2012! 
Bring it on... I love January!

2011 in Review

 We rang in the new year in Savannah, made some resolutions (some we kept and some 
Made a lot of cupcakes, and survived the great snowpocalypse of 2011!

I made some super cute cupcakes to celebrate my parents wedding anniversary (yup, they got married on Groundhogs day!) We got some more snow in Atlanta, and I celebrated valentines day with my hubs. <3

Our world was rocked with the tragedy in Japan, and I whined about turning 29... it hit me hard that we had not been able to get pregnant... little did I know we would get our positive this month. My mom made a beautiful birthday cake too!

This was a rough month... I was super sick from the pregnancy and didn't blog much, but we did manage to re-do our master bathroom with lots of help from my mom. And bestie took me for yogurt tap like 36 times... she wanted to make sure I was feeding the baby. :)

We quietly celebrated my first "baby in the belly mother's day" and Celebrated Chris's birthday a couple days early with a month-end trip to visit awesome friends in St. Pete.

Our hearts were bursting with excitement when we shared the news of our long-awaited pregnancy. Cole spent a week with Uncle Daryl & Aunt Shanna, baby Sawyer was born, and my sweet baby Jackson turned 3
I can't believe how fast time flys.

We found out baby bear was a BOY! Celebrated bestie turning 30 with 30 things I love about her, and celebrated the hubs getting accepted into his masters program. My dad built us a kitchen island using some plans from ana white and we completely re-did our office in anticipation of re-doing the baby's room.

We started picking paint colors for the baby's room, and had our back yard fenced in.
I ate 7 boxes of Lucky Charms, and the hubs put the baby's crib together!

Always a special month... the start of college football and we celebrated 2 blissful years of marriage. I love this man more and more everyday. We took a spontaneous trip to Madison for the weekend, announced our baby's name, and we celebrated baby Durham with his first baby shower!

The hubs and I spent some wonderful time together in the north Georgia mountains. We called it our "babymoon" as we celebrated our last few weeks as a family of 2. 
We took our maternity photos, and celebrated Halloween!

As I waddled through weeks 34-38 of our pregnancy there was not too much going on here but work and the nursery reveal and some Thanksgiving wishes.

by far our busiest month... Our world was rocked when Durham was born on December 1st. (birth story here) We spend the next 4 weeks celebrating Christmas with friends/family, enjoying our tree, and decorating our annual gingerbread house.

2011 was a year of blessings for us... we know it would be impossible to count every one, but we are so thankful. Thankful for love, for family, for forgiveness, for friends, and our biggest blessing- our sweet baby.

Happy New Year to you & yours... 
be safe and we'll see you in 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

thumbs up... thumbs down

thumbs up: Durham slept almost 5 hours straight last night!
thumbs down: It is painful to go that long between feedings... ouch.

thumbs up: chicken tacos for dinner yesterday!
thumbs down: dropped one of my tacos on the ground... booo.

thumbs up: took 250 pictures over Christmas weekend!
thumbs down: need to sort and edit 250 pictures from Christmas weekend... haha.

thumbs up: I'm back down to my pre-pregnancy weight.
thumbs down: that means I should probably stop wearing maternity/yoga pants everyday. :/

thumbs up: I still have 2 more months of maternity leave!
thumbs down: Pinterest is sucking out all my nap time... haha.

thumbs up: I ordered our Birth announcements!
thumbs down: there is no thumbs down to this... they are so stinkin cute!

the first 4 weeks...

mommy-hood is hard.

even though I am still a rollercoaster of emotions
when I look at this baby's sweet face I know that
everything we do is so worth it to have this sweet little man.

I never knew it was possible to love someone so much...

I can't believe he will be a month old on New Years Day!
I couldn't think of a more perfect way to ring in the new year than with my boys.

Monday, December 26, 2011

a quick post... Christmas!

we are still celebrating! 

Daddy took today off and we rounded out our Christmas weekend with more family and yummy food. We have had an amazing Christmas and I can't wait to dig through all the pictures and recap. 
We have more family visiting tomorrow, even though the hubs will be back at work, 
and then I can start thinking about NEW YEARS!

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I can't wait to read all your posts!