Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years 2011 {picture overload}

I've been so busy with important things...
like organizing the LOAD of coffee k-cups my mom-in-law gave us. 
You can't really see... but that row all the way to the left? 
that's my row! Hot Chocolate and apple cider... yum!
::thanks mom::

We spent New Years in Savannah
it is our all time favorite place...
we got married on Tybee in 2009 which is just outside of our favorite little city and we head back down there any chance we get. mom and dad were with us this year, our first vacation as a married couple with any of our family. we all had a blast!
We did the mandatory 12 strolls along river street
stopping several times for the free samples of pralines
we did the boat tour and the trolley tour (a big favorite)
 and we even saw Forrest Gump!
we had lots of delicious meals and many more laughs. 
an all around great time!

 New Years eve
dinner at the brewery
a walk around town
live music on the square
and up to the roof to count down and watch fireworks...
unfortunately the darn fog was so bad we couldn't see anything! boo. 
they sure sounded awesome.

{thinking I was somethin' else with my sparkle shirt and short haircut}

New Years Day
lots of trolley riding and the best burgers in town!


 {the above house is for sale... maybe the only one we can afford in the downtown area. 
$250k. yup. guess we'll stay here for a few more years.}

 we love you, savannah. see you again soon!


Michele said...

Great photos! We went to Savannah in the summer of '05 when I was pregnant with our first little one. I'd love to go back in the future. It's such a wonderful city--so much character and charm!

mommara said...

Love it all! So glad you guys had fun. xoxo

Deals, Steals and Heels said...

looks like you had a blast! that lighted car is too fun =)

Nicole A said...

I love Savannah too! My grandparents still live there and my mom was born there! It's so beautiful. And I love Tybee! My mom was "Little miss tybee island" when she was little! If you go a little further out from river st you might be able to find something more reasonable if your looking to buy! My grandparents and aunt live across from the "Country day school" and their place in really nice and I don't think they pay anything outrageous! I also wish I could move there, its beautiful!

theultimate said...

Soooo jealous that you spent New Year's in Savannah!! I have been wanting to go there for-evah! I used to live in Atlanta and I never managed to make it there. Now that I live in Bama, it makes the trip there that much longer! Hopefully someday I'll get to go! It sounds like such a beautiful place. =]

kirkandmona said...

The most awesome New Years we can recall in forever!!! Usually one of us has to wake the other up at Midnight--ringing it in on the rooftop with you guys was super special!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! I lived in Savannah for 8 years and never saw that brick wall with the tomb stones in it... where is that?? We're headed down this weekend for a visit :-)

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