Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a glimpse into our relationship...

me and the bff...
hatred turned jealousy turned respect turned flirtation turned forever friends
and here we are... 5 years later

{our fb convo 1:15am--only edited to add links so you can follow along if you wish}


bestie: will you make me a copy of the new JJ Cd. I kinda need to start listening to it stat...

me: LOL. yes mam. :)

bestie: Umm and will you please fix your blog. KthanksMovies. :)

me: going now... LOL.

me: done. sheesh! :) lol

bestie: Umm and I bought these... It's a PDF file. I am going to have to figure out how to make them so we can put them in bub's room on his new shelves that are still in the mud room. :)

me: and ps. i totally heart the walmart from We met in a bar...

bestie: See I haven't read that cause your list in janky... hmmm I shall go look now.

bestie: http://www.etsy.com/listing/53819681/the-wise-guys?ref=v1_other_1
this is that same listing if that other won't work.

bestie: Ooo I love the Parkline one. Super cute!

me: i heart he Parkline too... but, did you see the mobile above the Olivia!! I DIE!!!

me: awww. the owels are adorable.
what do you mean still in the mudroom? b wouldn't let you hang yourself? I really should come over. really. I'm obviously wide ass awake! I'll bring my tool belt! LOL.

me: um. no 'e' in owl, right?

bestie: lol I don't know I can't spell anything. I didn't even notice

bestie: Come on. I am sure we wouldn't wake the boys.

bestie: Yes! I love the sailboats and I love the bunting in the other room.

bestie: Where did we see that boat I said we should have bought? I now need it for jackson's shelf...

me: That big one? my favorite things. you do need it. ugh. we should have got it.

me: ‎{going to look at the bunting I somehow missed}

bestie: Holy moly it covers the whole wall and that yellow frame. is so the one from IKEA painted yellow

me: oh yea. i did see it. cute idea. ::hanging head::

bestie: Yep. dang I was projecting you needing to buy it on me needing it. hmmm. We may need to make another trip.

me: LOL. maybe they have more stuff since "they get like 1,000 customers a day!"

bestie: Shoot we need to haul our {junk} up there and let them buy it too.

me: or the habitat... JAG went. maybe next week... tues/thurs days off

bestie: jag?

me: you know, J (just) A (a) G (girl)

bestie: Oh haha. I need to pay more attention to our pretend-real friends. lol

bestie: Yep we should. I need some wooden blinds for the kitchen and a new craftsman front door. {ha!}

me: bawhahaha...i'm sure if we fold that little door by bubs seat down a HUGE FRONT DOOR will fit there! Here nanny, hold this next to your head for an hour! hahahahahahahahahaha

bestie: hahahaha Movies!

me: yeah, you really need to catch up on your blog reading. what have you been doing? sleeping or something?

me: I'm dragging myself to bed, text you in the am and let you know what they say at UCare. movies!

bestie: K let me know. Just remember to not tense up the hiney for the shot. Movies.


When I was reading back this morning I was cracking up! I love how girlfriends have their own chatter about things... please tell me you all do it too!!

My fave is how we talk about "pretend-real-friends" (that would be YOU... our blog friends) like they are regulars in our social circle. I have never met any of my blog-buddies. I read stalk & comment and that is about it, but to hear bestie and I at the pool or online... talking about Summer and her amazing recommitment ceremony, or Kristen and that sweet baby Smith... or that Kelly is pregnant again! (Whoo hoo!) ...you would think we were all life-long friends!

I LOVE it!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Brownie Bite Cupcakes

chocolate cupcakes with a brownie bite surprise

vanilla buttercream frosting and
I made H.U.G.E. red candy melt lips as toppers
{it goes with our work theme-meeting tonight}

next time I might even put 2 brownie bites in each one.
these were delish and moist, but the brownie kinda bakes in...
I think they have carmel brownie bites too... hum