Wednesday, August 24, 2011

bullet points are lame...

I know... but I just can't get it together to write a real post.

  • life is good. I'm good. Hubs is good. Cole-nugget is good. Baby is good.

  • we have been working in baby bears room a lot latley... some days I feel like we are really getting somewhere. like leaning on the side of prepared. and some days I am totally overwhelmed by how much there is still left to do. The crib will be in the first week of September... once it's up I think I'll be feeling better about it.

  • Lucky Charms are made by Jesus. Sent straight to my belly from heaven. I've had them every day for breakfast for almost 2 weeks now and if I didn't think it would compromise the nutrition of my belly-buddy I would eat a bowl for lunch too.

  • My Jack Johnson Pandora station makes cleaning house so much more tolerable. Since I'm working for the next 6 days straight I spent the majority of the day today deep cleaning. It felt awesome. Sometimes the things that you have to FORCE yourself to do give you the most satisfaction.

  • We had our back yard fenced in about a month ago... LOVING IT! It is so nice to just open the door and let Cole out. He loves the freedom for sure and we love having him spend the day outside sometimes. Every night we all go out and play... we've been grilling out a lot more too. It was hard to spend that money initially but I'm so glad we did.

  •  and a BIG HOWDY to all my new followers... sorry I've been kinda lame at posting. Can't promise it is going to be getting better any time soon. I pretty much pull the pregnancy card whenever I can. haha