Wednesday, August 31, 2011

26 weeks (today!)

How far along: 26 weeks today! (only 98 more days till our due-date!)
Weight gain/loss:  +9lbs ... all in my belly and my face. I'm having a face baby! LOL
Maternity clothes:  I am still wearing besties and have purchased a few things here and there. I can still wear MOST of my shirts but I'm thinking in a couple more weeks they'll all be too short.
Stretch marks: None yet.
Sleep:  Love it! getting used to sleeping on my side and going pee in the dark so I don't wake up the hubs. haha
Best moment this week:  We love to feel him moving at night... Chris lays with his face on my tummy because he says he can feel it more that way. We also got the crib up (pictures and a special post on that later).
Food cravings: Really I'm just craving food in general (read: 9lbs!) But Chinese, cereal, and red hot jolly ranchers top the list this week.
Gender:  Baby Boy!!
Belly button in or out?  in.
Movement:  Yep! He is very active in the morning...might be the lucky charms momma is eating! oops!
What I miss:  My sanity! haha Funny story for the week:
I went to the gas station on the way to work. get out of the car. go inside. buy a bottle of water and pre-pay $25 for gas. go back out to the car. get in. and drive off. I FORGOT TO PUMP GAS! Thankfully I remembered about 2 minutes later and went back and got it. hahaha
What I'm looking forward to:  working on the nursery and getting things in for his room!
Milestones:  Had our Gestational Diabetes test today... I'll let you know when we hear.

I also updated a couple of weeks that I never posted
over on the FAMILY tab. :) 


Holly said...

Oh my gosh... Your gas station story is too funny! I think you look great-- You're exactly one week ahead of me. We're getting closer... :)

Joie said...

Speaking of cereal, my husband introduced me to something recently that was very intriguing: using ice cream instead of milk in the cereal. Just imagine how tasty those Lucky Charms would be on top of two scoops of vanilla!

Your gas station story brings me comfort - I'm not the only one acting like Forgetful Jones!

Jenn Sommer said...

Love your weekly updates!!

To funny about the gas!! Thats preggers brain for ya!! sticks around for a while too!

Lori said...

You look cute and it looks like baby is already getting geared up for football season!!

Morgan said...

Haha that is so funny about forgetting to pump gas - good thing you went back! I bet you guys are having so much fun getting the nursery ready. =) Your belly is so adorable! And I love that UGA jersey.

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Ha!! I've been losing my mind and memory too!! I left my keys in the ignition at work. I closed my door and thought to myself I'm missing something...looked inside and saw my keys were still in there and my car was still on!! Whoops!!

You are looking great lady!! You are so so lucky you've only gained 9lbs!! I'm close to 20 :( I really need to start eating better! All these sweets I've been eating are really taking a toll on my body!! Hope your test comes back looking great!!

Melissa said...

I'm so jealous of your red hot jolly ranchers, I canNOT find those anywhere around here for some reason!

P.S. You look adorable!

Life at the White House said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I have to say --- this is adorable!!! Love how you are tracking your pregnancy. Congrats to you and best wishes for a very happy 3rd trimester!!!

TRUST ME, time flies! It was just yesterday I was walking the neighborhood (and the freezer section at Target - no lie - because it' so dang hot here in Houston) trying to get this little guy to make his big debut! Now he's 10 weeks old!! :)

Michele said...

Don't you look cute! I've been really behind on blogging, really behind! Just had to stop by to get a baby update!

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