Friday, January 7, 2011

woo to the hoo

well lovlies, sorry I've been a slacker posting this week...
going back to work after 4 glorious days off in Savannah kinda kicked my hiney.

I've been busy planning a baby shower (it's at the end of the month, but I gotta plan ahead)
Took a sewing lesson from bestie (she's a fan-darn-tastic teacher)
Packed up all the Christmas decor (the hubs says our living room looks "sad" now, lol)
and I've been catching up on my DVR (yall that sucker was 86% full... that's a lot of shows!)

I'm still thinking about the big question
to resolve, or not to resolve.

I have really enjoyed all the posts out there talking about goals, and resolutions, activities and projects to tackle in 2011. I also love how some of you have chosen a word for the year... like thankful, or thoughtful, or change. Focusing on just being present in your lives. 
That is some deeply inspiring stuff. 

For the past 2 years I have done "NOT" resolutions 
(ie: "I will NOT go more than a week without seeing my Godson, Jackson.") 
but this year, I am feeling extra goal-orientated. There are A LOT of things I'd like to accomplish/do in 2011, but most seem to not be resolution-esque (is that a word, knock-knock, ya still here?) like buying new furniture for our home office, go on a vacation with friends, taking a photoshop class, and getting a poop-fan installed in the master bath (poop-fan may not be the technical term, but I'ma guess you know what I'm taking about.

decisions, decisions... I'll keep ya posted... 

right now, I'm headed to work... date night tomorrow with the hubs (whoo-hoo) and hopefully our click-workshop wont be canciled on account of freekin-snow in the ATL. I don't want it to snow on my parade.

Have a great weekend.

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Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years 2011 {picture overload}

I've been so busy with important things...
like organizing the LOAD of coffee k-cups my mom-in-law gave us. 
You can't really see... but that row all the way to the left? 
that's my row! Hot Chocolate and apple cider... yum!
::thanks mom::

We spent New Years in Savannah
it is our all time favorite place...
we got married on Tybee in 2009 which is just outside of our favorite little city and we head back down there any chance we get. mom and dad were with us this year, our first vacation as a married couple with any of our family. we all had a blast!
We did the mandatory 12 strolls along river street
stopping several times for the free samples of pralines
we did the boat tour and the trolley tour (a big favorite)
 and we even saw Forrest Gump!
we had lots of delicious meals and many more laughs. 
an all around great time!

 New Years eve
dinner at the brewery
a walk around town
live music on the square
and up to the roof to count down and watch fireworks...
unfortunately the darn fog was so bad we couldn't see anything! boo. 
they sure sounded awesome.

{thinking I was somethin' else with my sparkle shirt and short haircut}

New Years Day
lots of trolley riding and the best burgers in town!


 {the above house is for sale... maybe the only one we can afford in the downtown area. 
$250k. yup. guess we'll stay here for a few more years.}

 we love you, savannah. see you again soon!