Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Birthday: BFF

Today my bestie turns 30.
wow. your old.
just kidding. 
not really. 
I love that for 8 months of the year you are older than me...

I'm a sucker for birthday posts...

This year I thought I would do
30 things I love for your 30th Birthday!

1. I love that I can tell you anything and you wont be shocked. ever.
2. I love that you pray for people and you let people pray for you.
3. I love that you motivate me. I am your lazy counterpart. and I think that sometimes without your not so gentle nudges I would never get anything done. (no, I still have not registered, and no there is no roman shade on the living room window)
4. I love that you don't hesitate to pack up your kid and drive over to check on me when my phone is dead and I over sleep. You get worried and I appreciate it.
5. I really love that you are my free photographer.
6. I love that you made the most amazing baby ever. (besides baby Jesus). and I love you more because my heart is so full of love for him.
7. I love that you give people a million chances. you have such a forgiving heart (and sometimes hold grudges) but I am often in awe of how forgiving you are.
8. I love that you are a yummy, yummy baker. (now, go make me something).
9. I love that you remember everything (actually, I don't love it, it makes me sick!) ... websites, recipes, birthdays, exactly where the boat cup is... it's exhausting. LOL.
10. I love that you do all the cool stuff first. then get me hooked up and in with the cool kids. (blogger, photo-club, pinterest)
11. I love that you seem to make friends easy, even though I know it takes work, you make it look effortless. Yet you keep the old friends (duh, like me) close to your heart.
12. I love that you are so genuinely excited about our pregnancy. so thoughtful. so tolerant. so loving.
13. I love watching the unconditional love you have for your family. It is beautiful. your parents, your brother and sister, their significant others and kids. I think you are the glue that holds everyone together.
14. I love that we share a love for all things thrifty.
15. I love that I'm 1/2 way through the list and I know your crying.
16. I love that you are hot. let's just be honest. effortless. with piled up hair and sunglasses. a toddler pulling on your leg. you rock it.
17. I love that you don't use your fake voice with me. I crack up to hear you on the phone sometimes with other people. sunshine-out-your-butt voice.
18. I love that you make me laugh. even if you are just laughing at me. it still makes me laugh.
19. I love that we talk about blog friends like real life friends.
20. I love that even though you've been away from the brand for over 3 years, you still enjoy work gossip.
21. I love that not being able to get over some things just shows how strong your convictions are.
22. I love that you always answer Jacksons "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" calls with a patient and loving "yes, my angel" or "yes, my love". every single time. 
23. I love that you taught me how to sew.
24. I love that I couldn't sleep without telling you bear was a boy. some secrets don't keep between friends.
25. I love that your favorite color was gray... even before it was cool.
26. I love that you read. not just magazines but books. 
27. I love that you would do anything for your buddies... drive 45 minutes to bring you a stick of gum? no problem.
28. I love that you don't hesitate to tell me it's time to get it together. brow wax. pedicure. check. check.
29. I love that you give me crap about putting my Christmas tree up early every year... even though I've been doing it the entire time we've been friends.
30. Most of all... I love that you are you. a beautiful woman, friend and the most amazing momma I know. I am so thankful for you. xoxoxo

Happy Birthday ra!


Holly said...

Very cute {and funny}!! You're a good friend!

Mommara said...

Yep, crying before you said it. Love you so so much.movies!

The Hill House said...

Very sweet of you. You're awesome.

Cisilia "cc" said...

So sweet... I am so glad you have each other It's a good thing!!

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