Saturday, October 9, 2010

Baby Shower Cupcakes for Cami-Rose

Hannah's baby shower is today...
I wont be able to make it because I have to work (boo)
but I did make some cute cupcakes for her.

Red Velvet with little monogram buttons.

Hope your shower is beautiful Hannah! So sorry I can't celebrate with you all...
Can't wait to meet Cami-Rose!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wordfilled Wednesday: Fall to-do list

Fall is my favorite time of year
(although, sometimes I say it's summer, spring or winter)

It is also, by far my most busy time of year at work and at home.
Sometimes we get through the season and say...
"UGHHH!!!! I wanted to do ____ and I forgot"
 "I wish we had made time to do ____"

My summer to-do list was great.
Just a little reminder on my desk of things that I think are super fun and great for the season...
so I made another. Just for fall/winter. I dig it.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photography Class Cupcakes

I'm not sure that I've mentioned that I'm taking a 6 week photography class at a local college...
I'm sure you have not noticed my pictures getting any better! ha

I have come to realize that she can teach me everything I need to know about my camera settings, the rule of thirds, composition, yada yada... but she can't teach me how to have a "photographers eye". I've come to terms with it. I still love photography, but it is WAY harder than I thought. :: sigh::

I'll stick to what I do know.... cupcakes!

Made these early this morning for my photography class tonight... Chocolate brownie bite (see that post here) with a little Hersey camera and a mini Oreo lens.
I also made apple pie cupcakes again... they are my current fave!!
(I may or may not have had one for breakfast!)

Have a wonderful day!! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

this and that

just a little bit of everything....

Thursday our Atlanta region met up for a big work meeting. I always love seeing everyone. Those friendly faces that you've worked with in the past but just don't get to see often enough. So all in all, good friends and really good food... I may have worked a little bit in between too!

On Saturday morning while I was at work the hubs played in a charity golf tournament with some of his friends... then we headed over to my bestie's parents house to watch the UGA game (that we

This is bubs watchin the game in his UGA beanbag...

Today I was off work (thanks Stace)
the hubs and I slept blissfully past 10am and he made breakfast while I snuggled Cole in bed... we did our chores (clean house and mow grass) then snuggled on the sofa while I read this HUGE stack of magazines and we watched a stack of shows just as huge on DVR. It was a wonderful day...

I have some fun stuff going on this week....
working on my "fall to do list"
making cupcakes for my photography class on Tuesday night
the Oct shadow box post is this week
and I think we're attempting to make some jewelry....
I'll be sure to keep you posted on how everything turns out.
until then...

Happy Monday