Thursday, June 9, 2011


I swear... announcing our pregnancy on facebook and blogger yesterday was like peeing on a stick all over again. It was like a giant Whoo-Hoo! came out from all our friends and family and we were wrapped in a huge hug. I freakin' loved it. (I'm sometimes an attention whore, lol)

Just wanted to say 
for the huge outpouring of love for our growing family.
The blogging community has a special place in my heart and I was so touched by all the visits and comments yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

On a side note, today marks the start of a VERY busy week for me at work, so I'm off to finish cupcakes for my hard workin' ladies at the store. I asked them last night what they wanted, and I was kinda surprised when they said the apple pie cupcakes. I like them too, don't get me wrong, but kinda fall-ish? no?

Anyway, I'm making those, but keeping my eye on a couple of these summer cuties for next week.....

Slurpee Cupcakes
(how stinkin cute!!)

Margarita Cupcakes
(the only type of Margarita I'll be having this summer)

Watermelon Cupcakes
from the Cake Centeral photo gallery

ummmmm.... this also came up when I was searching for "watermelon cupcakes"... 
not at all what I had in mind. ::sigh::

cupcake bikini credit...I mean, if you really wanna go there. haha

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

We have some exciting news to share...

Baby Reagan will be joining our little family this winter!
We are beyond thrilled and feel so blessed to finally be able to start growing our family!

We have kept our pregnancy journey mostly private... I actually think the only mention of it I ever made on this blog was on my summer to-do list last year and when I was whining why.don't.we.have.a.kid.already. on my birthday post. But other than that, we've been trying and testing and waiting for Gods plan to kick in (gosh, God and I don't always jive on timing! LOL)

We are so thankful for the love and support of our parents (this is my parents first grandbaby and the hubs parents 4th), and our friends (Aunt ra and my girls at work literally feel like they've been trying to get pregnant with us)

eeeeeeeppppppppp! We are publicly pregnant!!
For some reason this makes it feel a little more real.

I know this will be painful for some people to read... women who are waiting to become mothers and are praying for their babies. I love you, and I'm praying for you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June in Numbers

how old the hubs is now.
We just celebrated Chris's Birthday last weekend... kinda low key with dinner at olive garden and then a trip to Dicks Sporting Goods for a new putter and some golf shirts. For 3 months a year I am older than him. 
I kinda like it.

the number of cupcakes I have booked for the month. 
Baby showers, wedding showers, and birthdays, oh my. Get ready for a lot of cupcake posts! I've been slacking off on cupcakes for my girls at work too... that is about to end. I got a new cupcake book and I've been itching to try some new recipies.

the number of times I plan on making home made ice cream.
  I can not get enough of that scrumcious stuff! Sometimes with fresh peaches, maybe strawberry, the hubs loves oreos... the possibilities are endless! I make the kind you don't have to cook on the stove first... lazy like that.

the number of days that I'll be at work... 
wishing I was sitting with my butt in the sand somewhere. Bestie promises we can hit the club pool up a few times too. Something about it being 95' here in Atlanta just makes me want to get away... or be out on a boat somewhere. Funny how every summer I SERIOUSLY consider going back to school to be a teacher.

the birthday we will be celebrating with my Godson Jackson. 
I can not believe it has been 3 years already... I still remember the very first days, when he was so tiny-tiny. I remember when they asked me to be in his life, and I remember knowing in my heart that I had been changed forever.

the number of times I will check my facebook. 
I swear I need to cut back, I am a total status update junkie. 
(not that I post alot, I just like to be nosey and see what everyone else is up to!)

pictures I plan on taking. 
I'm thinking about doing one of those 30 day photo challenges... I've seen come cute ones on pinterest like this one. I'll let ya know soon so you can play along if you want. I've just gotten so out of practice and I really want to become inspired again.

very special announcement coming tomorrow...

Monday, June 6, 2011

A Baby Shower & A Wedding Shower

What a good time we had with friends and family...
One of Chris's BFF's is gonna be a DADDY! We Celebrated Tony & Christine at a baby shower that literally showered baby Sawyer with tons of cute clothes and gifts. She is gonna be one loved little girl! I was thrilled to make the cupcakes (redvelvet with creamcheese frosting) and Christine's sister, mom, and grandma did all the food and decorating. Christine had the cutest little girl helping her open presents, and my favorite gift is in the last photo... a special present her gramma made. 
It was adorable! 
Here are just a few pictures...


We also celebrated with Stephen & Caroline who are getting married in just a few weeks. They are the cutest couple (and have the cutest little dogie-baby named peanut.) My mom hosted a wisdom shower (we had one for our wedding too) where people send in words of wisdom for the couple, the man, and their favorite recipes. I love reading all the cards and getting a little wisdom for myself too! My parents are the perfect hosts, we had such great food and company. They did a cookout and a sleepover for just the girls. I'm too old to be staying up past midnight! ::sigh::
Here are a few pictures... don't worry ladies, I left out the ones of us in our PJs.

on a side note... I have not hardly picked up my camera in what feels like months... and it shows! All my stuff is overexposed and blurry! UGH! I suck!