Sunday, October 16, 2011

our weekend!

We feel like we've just be smothered with love...
It has been a whirlwhind weekend for sure.

Friday we had our maternity pictures taken by the amazing Tate Cathcart.
you can see a few sneak peeks up on her facebook page. I am totally obsessed with them and I can't wait to tell you all about our session.

Saturday we were showered with love (and food and presents) at a baby shower hosted by Chris's counsins. It was such a great time visiting with family and getting the belly rubbed.
I loved getting to spend time with Cami Rose and Ava! :)

Sunday was our last shower, hosted by bestie with help from mom and Shanna.
I laughed so hard my belly hurt at times.
I can't wait for her to share the photos...
ra was calling it "the shower that pinterest built" haha.

Now the hubs and I are just sitting here feeling all kinds of thankful. Our little chicken-nugget is so loved already and he's not even here yet. The grandma's were "play fighting" over who is going to watch him first and Jackson was just telling ra and I last week about all the stuff he is going to teach Durham to do (like play baseball)... our baby is almost here. I can't wait.

guess we better get his room finished up...
here is what it looks like after you've been showered three times. eeeepppp!