Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I got a lot of questions this past week...
yall are nosey. 
just kidding. not really. but I don't mind sharing...

yes. Cole is still inside.
I was really struggling with this when I was pregnant... the thought of having our baby around our 100lb weim scared me and the thought of him having dog hair on him just disgusted me. we did a few things to change my attitude... bought a new couch that Cole is not allowed on, shampooed the carpet, and we don't allow Cole in the baby's room. He has been awesome with Durham. Mostly he just doesn't care about him but if the baby is crying cole makes the saddest "make it stop" face... hahaha. Afterall, he was our first baby. :)

no. we are not thinking about having another.
give us some time people. gosh.

yes. I am going back to work.
I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to stay home with little man for 12 weeks... I realize that a lot of people don't have that option and I am cherishing my time with him. I'm lucky that I love my job and I do miss my girls and my "adult interaction". Chris and I were joking last night that I was gonna use my baby talk voice with customers "yall findin everything ok?" all high pitched and squeaky. hahaha

no. I suck.
I can't believe someone actually emailed me and asked what kind of camera I have because "your pictures are amazing"... uuuhhh. you must be blind. haha. but thanks. if you like over/under exposed out of focus messes then I am your girl! I have a nikon d3000 and a really cute kid, he makes my pictures worth looking at.

yes. I baby wear. 
I totally love it. the wrap I wear most often is a maya wrap and you can buy them here.and bestie just loaned me her mei tais... super comfey too! :) here.

yes. my c-section healed up nicely...thanks for asking. 
That is all the details I am willing to publicly share on that topic (um, my dad reads this blog) but if you are having a scheduled c-section and would some support please email me. I'd love to pray for you and share my experience.

Monday, January 16, 2012

real life with a 6 week old...

I had to laugh today when I got a text from a friend that said 
"I am officially calling you the worst text-returner ever" 
My cell phone had been dead for 2 days and I didn't even realize it.
Such is life with a 6-week old. I guess.

also, partly because the hubs was home this weekend and we were spending some quality family time... and also partly because he bought me a kendle fire for Christmas and Ive really enjoyed snuggling in bed with my mini-me and stalking facebook and blogs on that instead of my phone.

eitherway, it was humbling. My life is no longer my own. In many ways I have turned into the mother that I swore I wouldn't be. but at the same time I have turned into a better mother than I ever knew I was capable of being. That may only make sense to other mommys, or maybe to no one at all.

my little turtle is such a good baby... eat, sleep, poop, smile, fart, repeat. That is the sum of his life right now. I am spending my maternity leave taking care of him and I am so thankful to have the opportunity to do that... our bond is so special and I LOVE being with him.

It is a little different than I imagined though... bestie always says "I was the best mother before I had kids" or something like that... meaning, you always think you can do it better/have all the answers until you are actually doing it. it has never felt more true. Nothing will bring you to your knees faster than a screaming baby that can't be soothed at 3am, or being told that your breastmilk may not be fatty enough to sustain your baby, or a bout with postpartum depression. I jump at every whimper or coo and I absolutely LIVE for him to smile at me. I always kinda scoffed at the mommy's that said they didn't have time to shower, or would forget to eat because they were so busy. We always said we would never put our baby in bed with us, we would never this or never that. I never understood why their house wouldn't be spotless if their on maternity leave, what else could you possibly be doing? hahaha. I'm on my knees I tell you.

I love my little Durham more than I ever knew was possible... he is such a blessing and we are so thankful to have him in our lives. I now know that being a mommy is different than I anticipated, but it is better. I don't have all the answers, but I know that God will lead me and show us what is best for our little man.

I am taking time to cherish all these moments now, because I know they will not last forever. He is already growing up so fast... I just wanna keep him in this sling a little longer...sweet baby durham.