Friday, April 10, 2009

Week 3 of 20/20 Challenge's only week 3 and I'm starting to get a little un-motivated. I must keep reminding myself what my ultimate goal is--look like a hottie at the weedding! :)

Bfast: breakfast bar--180c
Lunch: Subway--400c
Snack: granola bar and bananna--290c
Dinner: Chinese food (Chris is out of town...)--750c
Total C: 1620c
Workout: none. boo.

Bfast: shredded wheat and milk--260c
Lunch: soup--200c
Snack: granola bar--90c
Dinner: Weight watchers frozen meal--310c
Late night benge: (Chris is out of town...ugh)4 mini-reice cups--144c, 5 girlscout cookies--250c
Total C: 1254c
Workout: none. double boo.

Bfast: shredded wheat and milk--260c
Lunch: Subway--400c
Snack: Fiber One Bar--180c
Dinner: Frozen dinner--310c
Total C: 1150c
Workout: Walked Cole 3 miles.

Bfast: shredded wheat and milk--260c
Lunch: Frozen lunch--250c
Snack: Granola bar--90c
Dinner: Chicken fried rice (home made!) --370c
Total C: 970c
Workout: Walked Cole 1.5 miles. we should have gone around again!

Bfast: breakfast bar--180c
Lunch: mmm... lunch at ra's. Chicken salad on crassont and doritos. yummy--650c (and worth it!)
Snack: none
Dinner: Zaxbys's salad --686c
Total C: 1510
Workout: Took Cole outside and stood on the driveway while he did his business... not working out! UGH! Today turned into my cheat day, I need to do better the rest of the week.

Bfast: Reeces cereal--350c
Lunch: frozen dinner--300c
Snack: Banana Bread (thanks ra)--200c
Dinner: 8 piece chicken nuggets from Chick-Fil-A--290c
Total C: 1140c
Workout: Shread

Bfast: breakfast bar--180c
Lunch: 1/2 turkey sandwitch--300c
Snack: Banana Bread (thanks ra)--200c
Dinner: healthy choice soup--200c
Total C: 880c
Workout: I'm not feeling good today...

Weigh in Friday AM: 166 lbs
LBs lost this week: -.8 lbs
Total LBs lost: -6 lbs