Friday, September 23, 2011

Durham's Nursery

This will be a pictures only post...

I will defiantly be sharing where this came from, who gave us/made us that, and how much some things cost but for now... pictures only.

We can not believe that it is only about 11 weeks till we get to hold our little man. One of the momma's on my pregnancy-board (think chat room of +100 women all due in December 2011) had her little girl yesterday. She was due the very same day as me. Baby and momma are doing well, but could use your thoughts and prayers. Thinking about this last night almost threw me into a panic attack... as much as we want to meet baby Durham, and hold him, and smell him, and see his sweet face... WE ARE NOT READY! Bake baby, Bake... stay inside as long as you want. haha

there is obviously still a few things to do... mostly to buy... but with 3 (yes, three, we are so blessed) baby showers in the next 3 weeks we should be showered with enough to get us ready. I can not wait to celebrate with my friends and family.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

8 things I just gotta put out there...

1. Facebook anoys me and gives me great pleasure at the same time. How? Well, it anoyes me when people put all their business out there... like personal business about their finances, their significant others, their rants about their children, ect. Do you not know this is the INTERNET? Keep it clean and keep it somewhat positive. On the other hand, I do love reading other peoples drama. :)

 {love:hate relationship}

2. I have been listening to Christmas music for about a week now. The Mariah Carey (Holiday) Station on Pandora is the bomb. I can not wait for the holidays (all of them... Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas) I get so excited when Pumpkin spice comes out at Starbucks I start bringing out my cardigans... this is my very favorite time of year. I'm especially excited for Christmas this year because we will have an outside baby.


3. The hubs and I watch a TON of TV and right now is an awesome time to have DVR because the fall line up is stacked and there are lots of shows we love. I'd love to hear some of your "can't miss" shows... I plan on doing a TV post next week.

 {new girl on FOX}

4. My Godson starts soccer this week. I can't believe how fast the past 3 years have gone by. He is getting so BIG and keeps me laughing all.the.time. Very much looking forward to seeing him on the soccer field on Friday.

5. I feel guilty when I comment about a negitive aspect of this pregnancy... we are SO THANKFUL to be pregnant and to have our baby boy. It took us a.very.long.time. to get here and we know that there are other couples that would love to be in our shoes... that being said... I am getting to the "uncomfortable stage" where my skin is tight, my face and hands are swolen, my back hurts, and I can't sleep. It is easy to forget about all these things when Durham starts kicking me. Best feeling ever.

{never before seen photo of the night we got our positive}

6. My cereal obsession with Lucky Charms is over. :::gasp::: I guess I over did it since I ate them everyday for breakfast for over a month. I'm on to Crispix. I love that it stays crunchy in the milk and has than corny-flavor. yum.yum. gotta get ya some.

7. I am so glad that we got our back yard fenced in... Cole has been spending a lot more time out there and although we do not always love the extra bath time that requires, I feel like it is good for him. The hubs and I are still deciding what we will and will not do with Cole-nugget once the baby is here.

8. I am having my first baby shower this weekend... and I am BEYOND EXCITED!!! My girls at work are so thoughtful and giving and I can not wait to celebrate Baby Durham with them. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for each and every one of the special people in our life... just brings me to tears to know how much this baby will be loved on.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend... I hope to post about the current state of the nursery before next week, but I'm working everyday so don't hold me to it.

And, thank you for all your sweet words on our baby's name.
Durham Christopher

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Baby's Name!

There have been several times throughout this pregnancy that we have thought
"no one told me THIS would be such a big deal/so hard to decide"

Like when we were registering... it is so overwhelming with all the choices. or when we were reading reviews and trying to pick the safest car seat. or when we were researching hospitals trying to decide where we wanted to deliver. or when we were trying to pick a name for our baby bear. 

We have had a running list of about 20 names that we liked for over a month now... the hubs and I would randomly visit it and cross of ones as we decided they just were not "it". We love unique names, names that you don't hear often, and for our baby boy we wanted something strong.

We are thrilled to announce that we've decided on a name for baby Reagan.

you know we had to write it out 1,000 times...  I'm OCD like that.

big thanks to Aunt ra for the pictures.

2 blissfilled years

Yesterday the hubs and I celebrated 2 years of wedded-bliss.
We've really been celebrating all weekend, and we are headed to the North GA mountains in a couple of weeks to finish off our anniversary celebration/babymoon.

I am so blessed to be living this life...
with the man that God made for me...
our beautiful family and friends supporting us.
I have just been so overwhelmed with a feeling of gratitude for this life that I do not deserve. Last night as we toasted (with apple juice) in our wedding glasses we talked about where we would be at our 5 year anniversary. It's so fun to speculate and to dream... I'll keep those dreams just between us... But I can tell you that our love will be deeper.

 I love a good comparison shot...
at our one year, and now.
Looking forward to many, many, many more anniversary dinners.