Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy Halloween 2011

It's Halloween Weekend! 

we are not crazy about Halloween here at the Reagan's...
don't get me wrong, we pass out candy, we usually attend a Halloween Party, and we eat LOTS and LOTS of treats! but it does not hold a candle to Thanksgiving and Christmas (or my birthday) haha

I had a great time at work today passing out candy to all the adorable trick or treaters that came by...there were some seriously cute kids today (including Tony & Christines adorable little skunk, and Carolann & Josh's little Superman!)

My favorite part of the day was when Jackson came to trick or treat with nanny.
::melt my heart:: 

 Looking back at all these previous pictures I realize that I've been at work on the past 3/4 Halloween trick or treat nights. I must be a candy hoarder. haha
(and I'm kinda wishing it was 2009 again, nanny is looking rough. haha)

Hope you are enjoying your Halloween weekend, 
whatever you may be doing.

I made the cutest Halloween shirt, but I need to take a proper 34 week photo...
look for that to be up later on this weekend.


Mommara said...

I love everyone of these! Look at my little skeliCAN. <3

Can't wait for next year when Durham can trick or treat with us!

Hello I'm Lala! said...

How cute!!

Morgan said...

Aw, that is such a sweet picture! Have a fun Halloween. =)

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