Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I don't brag on him enough.

I'm not talking about baby d.
i brag on him plenty.

I'm talking about the hubs. the baby daddy. the best man I know.
I think it's rough for dads in the beginning. at least it was in our experience. 

I got to bond with baby d inside my belly for 9 months. feel his moves, hiccups, kicks, and think about him every waking (and sleeping) moment. Then, the doctor pulled him outta my belly and was here here ya go, you're a dad now! Go do dad stuff! haha. In the beginning it's all crying and pooping and wanting mommy (because lets face it, boobs are AWESOME!). he took care of both of us (physically and emotionally) in ways I never knew we would need. I have always loved seeing my boys together, but for some reason now that d is getting older I love it even more. the way he runs to dada after bath time, the way he lights up for him when he gets home from work, the way he watches him cut the grass from the window. Chris always lets d 'help' him make coffee in the morning and is never too busy to read him a book. they spend a good amount of time alone together while I'm at work. I love the pictures they send. usually in pajamas still at noon, eating mcdonalds for dinner and other things mommy does not allow haha

this past week Chris was out of town for work and he had a little time to kill before moving on to the next location. he stopped in a toy store and bought something for d. (actually, found something he liked and ordered it on amazon from his phone because it was cheaper) handsome and thrifty! he's mine! It came in today... a mini-4wheeler. he put it together and showed d how to ride. as I was uploading the pictures tonight I just got overwhelmed. I am so blessed. I am so thankful for the husband he is to me, but even more so the dad he is to our baby. I just don't brag on him enough.

he would rather push than ride... #thatsmykid

Sunday, April 14, 2013

favorite things...

morning time snuggles with mommy and his blue turtle cup of milk.
balls and toy cars with wheels. push toy lawn mower. and small wooden cars he hides in his blanket.
music with a beat. head bobs in his car seat and dances to pandora at home.
 blue blanket is his constant companion.
chicken, blueberries, peas and mango. yogurt covered raisins are baby crack.
playing outside. running. pushing dump trucks. throwing balls. and water table fun.
reading books. b is for bear. first 100 farm words. where is baby's belly button?
playdates with jackson. doing whatever he does. head-hugs. and belly laughs.
night routine. bath. lotion. jams. brush teeth. knows it by heart.

everyday stuff. normal life.
his favorites quickly become my favorite things about him.