Thursday, May 31, 2012

Half Birthday

baby d-bear is 6 months old! I never thought that 'time really flew' just as fast as everyone always said it did... but here we are right in the middle of a year. Half a year behind us.. sweet sweet memories of durham's birth and our special months when he was itty-bitty still so fresh in my mind I can touch them, but so far away at the same time. Half a year to go. Excited for the next miles stones but praying they don't come too fast because we want to soak up this fun time he is in right now. The past 6 months have been the absolute best in our lives and we are more and more in love with our baby every day.

the past month has given us some really fun milestones... like rolling over like crazy, eating home made baby food, sleeping all night without the swaddle, teeth, and most recently sitting up by himself (for a minute or two and then face planting! haha)

a few things still remain my favorites...  reaching up and touching my face while he eats, the way he blows raspberries, his but in the air during afternoon naps, humming with me at bedtime, and the expression on his face when he see us in the mirror. Some things just never get old, and I hope I can always stay 'present' in the moment to remember them.

 I just love this baby so much... 
sometimes I think my heart might explode!

BIG thanks to aunt ra for taking the pictures, 
and for always being willing to do crazy things like get up 3 hours too early for me! xoxo movies.