Saturday, February 26, 2011

Egg Carton Cupcakes

I picked up these ADORABLE blue plastic egg cartons from Michaels about a week ago... 
they are the perfect size for mini cupcakes.
I'm headed back to get any more they may have.

love them for spring, and love them for Easter

let me know if you see them anywhere else...

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Catching you up...

it's not that I've been away on a tropical vacation for the past 7 days...
or that anything BIG has been happening around here...
Just life. wonderful life...

Super quick re-cap of the past 7 days.

BFF texts "can you be at my house in 30 minutes?"
well, duh. yeah.
She had heard that the elephants from the B&B circus were gonna be eating lunch at Olympic park... so we took Jackson up to see them. COOLEST THING EVER! We also went to the actual circus with our niece and nephew. Ethan loved the circus!

I worked all day...
Then I met up with a few old friends (Hi Lauren, Hi Vicky) to judge the Calendar Girl competition at a local high school. We had a blast. All the girls were so beautiful, and so confident it was ridiculously hard to choose the winners. So proud of all their hard work.

I worked all day...
One of my associates talked some girl scouts into coming by the store to sell us all cookies! I may or may not have bought like 12 boxes. at least its for a good cause! My favorite are the Somoas... what about you?
Then it was my favorite date night! Pizza & a movie night! Whoop! We've seen a ton a great movies lately, I'll try to recommend a few next week...

I was off work so the hubs and I headed down to High Falls state park to hike around and enjoy this amazing weather we've been having. I forgot my camera... grrrr, but when we go back I'll be sure to take it because that place is awesome. There is a old grain mill there that is all run down and beautifully shabby... I just loved it. 
On our way home from the park, we stopped at Verizon and got my new cellphone... i heart it. Thanks for all the info about your current phones.

even cole loves it... haha

I ended up with the droid, mostly because it is on the 4G network, and the iphone 4 is only on the 3G (the new iphone 5 that comes out this summer will be on 4G) and for the slide out keypad.  Anybody on words with friends? Find me! pamreagan AND, if you have an andriod phone... recommend your favorite apps.

Cleaned house and washed clothes... then off to work.

I tryed to do the "10 on Tuesday" where you take 10 pictures... but, my life at work is not very interesting and I can't be whipping my camera out all day... here are a few...


Then we find out that one of our neighbors had their house broken into... and their truck stolen from the driveway. This sketches the hubs out. (so thankful for a hubs that is all about protecting the momma of his doggie) We head to a local store to buy some protection... we come out of said store and our SUV wont crank.
::shakes fist in air::
Father in law to the rescue, and now we are good as new. Some wire had come undone. thankyouGod.

Breakfast and some much needed girl time in ATL with a sweet friend...

Then work all afternoon...

Thursday: (yeah, today)
Catching up on the blog... and cleaning up around the house.
Hopefully lunch/playtime with my favorite 2 3/4ths year old and then off to work again...


I've got 2 cupcake orders this weekend, a craft date with Kelly on Saturday, dinner with my brother's fam, and my parents, and I think we'll head to the driving range on Sunday. I promise I will get caught up on everyone's recent happenings this weekend too. I've been missing you all so much and I can't wait to see what's been going on!

Happy Thursday Everyone! 
The weekend is almost here!