Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Master Bath (Before & After)

so... a little back story. 
a couple of weeks ago, I helped bestie paint their living room.
then I sneezed, but I knew it was too late. I caught the painting bug.

We've been wanting to makeover our master bath for a while, but since no one really goes in there but us... we've been focusing our efforts on other parts of the house. Until last week when I started painting test spots all over everything. (that kinda commits ya)

here are the before and after side by side:

We (and I say we because I had a lot of help from the hubs, and my parents. I really appreciate yall appeasing my whim!) basically painted the walls, the trim, the window, the doors, and the vanity. Then we changed out the vanity hardware, rehung our towel holder, and used our existing shower hooks to hang a new curtain. 
I am absolutely obsessed with how it turned out. I am in total love... I wanna pee like every 5 minutes.

the details:

wall paint color: Martha Stewart Love-in-a-mist (color matched to BEHR paint... martha paint does not "cover" as well... in my opinion)
trim/door paint color: BEHR frost
vanity paint color: BEHR elephant skin
paint and paint supplys: $60

our hardware came from homedepot... but we've had it for a few years and they no longer cary that exact style...
shower curtain: Fieldcrest (target) stripe in blue and gray $30
bath mat: walmart $10 (or $9.98... you know how those prices keep on rollin' on back...)
blue glass jars: thrifted $6
ceramic egg crate: gifted from bestie (west elm)
framed art: crafted

total: $106
amazing new place to poop: priceless

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I'm back... and I made a pillow!

HI Friends!

It felt good to be away... 
getting projects done around the house, and spending time with friends... 
but it feels good to be back too! I missed you!

Our master bath project is complete... and I can't wait to share the pictures with you tomorrow!!

We had a wonderful weekend with out of town guests, an awesome cookout, and we were crazy busy at the store. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life... all around us just making this a very wonderful weekend.

I also wanted to share a quick
(seriously, threading the damn bobbin is the hardest part. Why is that so dificult for me??) 
pillow I made tonight. 

I found this place mat at target... loved the pattern and picked it up for under $3. Fold it in half, sew it up on 2 1/2 sides... leaving a little space to fill with stuffing. Turn it back right-side-out and fill with fluff. Hand stitch it closed. ta-da.
(note to ra: this is the first thing I've made since our sewing lesson... I need some motivation!!)

Hope you are all having a wonderful week so far... can't wait to make my rounds and check out what you've been up to since I've been away. Check back tomorrow for the master bath reveal. (I'm even gonna tell you how much I spent!)