Friday, November 20, 2009

Wedding Post 3: The Programs

The programs took a lot of my time... I knew I wanted a fan (because it's beachy) but I wanted it to match our other stationary with the We had the same etsy seller {beyonddesign} that created our invitations print the programs and then Mom made them into fans... they turned out awesome.

{Chris's Mom reading the program at the wedding}

My favorite thing about the programs was an idea I got from my MOH... When she and her hubs got married 7 years ago they opted to turn the microphones off and have the vows be a more personal moment. They printed their vows on the programs so the guests could read along. For us, we were concerned that people would not be able to hear us...with the waves crashing and all... :) So we printed our wedding party on the front and our vows on the back. Not a dry eye on the beach.

{the back of our program}

Funny how I didn't get an actual picture of the programs...oh, well. I kept one.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wedding Post 2: The Flowers

I am so blessed. Really. I had a talented wedding possie that you would not believe. One of my BFFs Carla (we call her lala) used to be a florist, and she offered to do the flowers for the wedding! I couldn't say yes fast enough and I emailed her weekly photos of inspiration. We had a few practice runs at the cupcake party (I posted about here, here, and here)

I really wanted white/green for me... and we thought about several different things for the girls... but could never decide. She ended up doing them each their own color and the looked A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. The best part of all of it... is that I felt relaxed. I knew she would do an beautiful job and so I didn't stress. The day of the wedding lala was locked up in the bedroom...

{Do you like it?}


And, lala made flowers for the mothers/grandmothers.
Something I had not even thought of.
Thanks lala love you.

I didn't even notice until the pro pics came back, but they put their bouquets in vases at the reception too... super cute. Thanks ladies.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wedding Post 1: My Dress

Posting about the wedding has been hanging over my head... I started asking myself WHY? Why am I stressing about sharing the best day of my life with the 10 strangers that read my blog? Do I share how much we spent, things I would do differently, just the pics, or a run down of each thing? I decided that what I want to do is leave a gift for myself. Something I can read through in 10 years when we have kids, and careers, and a busy life.... when I can't even remember my own name I want to be able to look back and remember the details of the day that started the rest of my life! :)

Let's start with the dress... shall we? I bought it at Davids Bridal. I was torn. We had a small budget that I was planning a destination wedding within. And this dress was about double what I originally planned on spending. I poured through on-line sites like, message boards at,, and trying to find the same dress that another bride was selling... the very few that I did find were too small/too large or in the "pure white" color. (not what I had in mind...but, I did consider tea bagging it!) I was obsessed to say the least. I took a small entourage with me the 2nd time I tried it on at the store...they were surprised at the style. Lace? Off White? I was a little surprised too...but, I was

Trying it on in the store...

And so... cha-ching, we bought it. $800 with tax. I spent another $120 on alterations and had the sash made.

And a few pics of the dress in action. I can't imaging getting married in anything else. This dress was made for my wedding! :)

Note to not-yet-brides that plan to marry on the beach:
1. Wear a slip or something, or your dress will blow between your legs like Aladdin pants, boo. {pic below}