Thursday, September 2, 2010

We Heart SEC FOOTBALL {and cupcakes}

This weekend marks the start of college football season...
{we are real big UGA fans}

I made the vanilla cupcakes the same way we made the rainbow ones...but with greens.
this was my first time to use the grass tip #233... it was a PITA...


back when I had Christine & Kelly over for cakepop day we made these
just thought I would share...

Faux Bois Pumpkin

I always argue with people when they say I'm "artistic"...
no. I'm "crafty" there is defiantly a difference.

Artistic people have skill. They have excellent execution. They exhibit taste and discriminating judgment. I however, rip off get inspired by other peoples ideas and make my own.

This image is everywhere....
I am obsessed with the faux bois pumpkin
{via my facebook wall-from a friend, but originally via Country Living}

Since I am not "artistic" the thought of painting these simple black lines
on a white pumpkin really overwhelmed me.

I searched for more ideas... {i love you google images} and found this image...

{via google images via paper crave}

that lead me to this image
{a free download....eeeeeepppppp!}

I printed this out ...
cut into random strips...
rubbed pencil over the back to make it into a makeshift carbon paper...
and lightly drew over the lines with a pencil...
then drew over the pencil lines with my sharpie paint pen.

I don't LOVE it, but I like it.
maybe because my pumpkin was bigger than the one in the picture...
maybe because I have too many "knots" and not enough lines...

I will try again with a smaller pumpkin and let you know how it goes.

{I risked my life for this photo... see the HUGE spider in the right corner! eeeeekkkkk!}

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


This month means a lot to us... it is
the month we got married
the month it starts to turn into Fall
the month college football starts!!

{mine on left, bestie on right}

{thanks mom... she found the punch at Tuesday Morning}
it was $3.99... let me show you why!

we had to step on it to punch.
you could not do it with your arms...
and we are pretty strong girls!

then, it would be stuck down where you can't get the paper out...
so we used a hammer and bottle opener
to knock it down and start again.

We were DETERMINED to make these football shadow boxes!
so... I'm sad to say that it is way too much work time consuming
for me to send out punches this month...
but, I promise we will choose something less labor intensive for Oct!

you want red/black bowling pins
purple/yellow baseball bats
red/black football helmets
purple/yellow football helmets

the scraps are all yours! haha

{anyone part of the UGA bowling team?}

also, BIG thanks to everyone who gave me some great ideas on 1st wedding anniversary gifts.
I am still undecided, but I have some awesome ideas to choose from.
I really appreciate each and every one of you!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Year: Gift Ideas?

We are 20 days away from our first wedding anniversary!
I know.... feels like yesterday

I'm torn on what to give the hubs for a gift...
we are going on vacation in October to this beautiful place
{Sept is an awful time for him to take off at work}

the first year is traditionally paper. sounds easy enough.
the modern suggestion is clock. he does not wear a watch.

I guess what I'm wondering is... what did you give your hubs for your first anniversary?
 Did you stick with the traditional/modern theme, or give a more personal gift? HELP!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Wrapup

We had a pretty eventful...
yet very relaxing weekend that included all of the following...

{finished the art for our kitchen shelf}

{bestie & I made cheap Halloween decor}
how-to post to come this week...
I can't decide between the right and the left... and sorry they are blurry!

{I got some super cute fall-ish cupcake wrappers at party city}

{snapped this picture of my parents}

{owl cupcakes that you saw on Friday}

{I may or may not have given Cole a sharpie tattoo that says MOM}

{My brother & SIL brought their 4 month old puppy Ginny over to play}
:::staring contest:::
Her tail up, and his tail down just about says it all...
Uncle Daryl still loves you buddy...

{We are 20 days away from our 1 year wedding anniversary!}
this is what our wedding was all about Cupcakes + Football
oh yea... and love

How was your weekend?