Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday: Cupcakes

Happy Birthday Shelley!

I don't know about you... 
but nothing says
13 year old birthday slumber party 
like rainbow cupcakes and pink bows.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

semi-wordless Wednesday: Phone Dump

I'm frusterated with the photobucket thing at the top of my blog... sigh.

Its been a rough week... I've been sick and it's not fun.
But I wanted to share a few things...

I am OBSESSED with this yogurt. It has honey on the side... I could eat it every day!

Why is it when I get a pedicure then wear flip flops all day I get these nasty flip flop lines? 
Is it the lotion/oil they use? eeewwwww....

Yogurt Tap is amazing...what sets it over the top is the crushed oatmeal cream pies...

but so is hanging out with some amazing people...

My dad is probably wishing I had never found pinterest... I see all these cute ideas and then email him and ask him to make me stuff! haha I've got one more coat of chalkboard paint on the backing on this new chalkboard he made me... I'll be sure to give yall details next week.

I've also been FINALLY working on a little monogram yarn art for our bedroom... 
the "P" is so small, but it's taking me forever!

And on a sad note, our very favorite Mexican restaurant closed down.
lets have a moment of silence for what we liked to call "Dirty Mexican"

Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday...
I've gotten quite a few questions over the past couple weeks...
some about my buttercream recipe, some about the bathroom re-do or our new map art.
I'm gonna get a "Q & A" post around for Friday, if you have any questions that are burning just leave a comment or email me at pamela (dot) eaton @ and I'll be sure to answer any and everything on Friday.