Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Family Photos

My mom has been asking for a 'family photo' for about a year. Every holiday we ask her for gift ideas and she says 'I really just want a picture of all four of my kids'. I was not about to give into her while I was fatty-fatty pregnant, but when our favorite local photographer posted about doing a mini-session day I jumped at the chance to give my mom what she has been asking for. Family Photos.

Tate did our maternity session, and our lifestyle newborn session... I just love her. 
She is so easy to work with and takes ah.mazing photos... we are becoming fast friends. :)

I knew that coordinating 7 outfits would take a little planning on my part, since I wanted us to look cohesive but not 'matchy matchy' ::cough cough khaki shorts and white polos on the beach:: I emailed these example boards to my mom & sil to set the color tone, and we started emailing back and forth claiming our colors.

I found all of these tagged on Pinterest... if you just search for 'what to wear photos' tons of great resources will pop up. I even found a few blog posts from photographers giving tips on what to wear.

when my mom sent me a picture of the 'inspiration board' she made out of paper scraps I about died. I love my momma! She was so excited for pictures!

Looks like all of our outfit efforts paid off. 
We are so excited to get our CD back today, I can not wait to see the rest of the pictures.  
Here are our sneaks!

Thanks Tate!! You ROCK!
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