Friday, June 24, 2011

week 16

But really, 4 months sounds further along, right? haha

Mom went with me to our 16 week doctors appointment this week, and started crying when she got to her the baby's heartbeat for the first time. We got the test results back from the NT scan and all of my blood-work was in so they spent a lot of time going over everything with us. 
 Momma and Baby are still looking really healthy and we are so thankful for that. 

The meeting with the nutritionist was not as bad as I had made it out to be in my head...
for some reason I had this lady pegged to be a green eyed monster that was going to yell at me for gaining/not gaining weight for eating/not eating this or that, but she was really nice and really helpful.

Yea for 16 weeks! 
and yea for maybe feeling baby move inside me. maybe.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

cupcake Push-ups!

I'm totally on a peach binge right now. I want peach ice cream, peach muffins, and just plain 'ol peaches. So I thought I would add a few to some graduation cupcake push-ups I was making for a friend who is graduating with her masters this weekend!

We are so proud of you Christine!!

I took a few extra pictures, because I don't know that I've posted any push-ups here before. 
I think you'll get the idea. The inspiration for the graduation caps came from Celebrations at home 
(I found them on pinterest.)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday Randoms...

just a few things that have been on my mind latley...
hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!

I can't stop obsessing about Chinese food.
and not just ANY Chinese food...
bestie said we can have it tomorrow. so excited!

the hubs BFF is now daddy to an outside baby!
Tony & Christine welcomed their adorable little nuggett into the world early.
Sweet baby wanted to have a June birthday instead of July. I bet mommy is happy to be un-pregnant in this heat. We are still sending up prayers till baby gets to come home from NICU. 
So very excited for them!

this one is double duty.
getting pumped up about my Godson's Superhero 3rd birthday this weekend!
not getting pumped about the baby being 3... let's just get that straight.
Also, can we please be done with the "keep calm" signs. Thanks, Pam

I'm thinking about cutting my bangs...
then I think about all the bobby pins I'll have to use when 2 seconds later I decide to grow them back out. Why do I torture myself like this!?! But really, I think I'm going to. Maybe.

as we start to make some room around here for the baby we realized that we are going to need to do some major purging. We have an office full of old stuff belonging to the hubs, and a guest room full of stuff belonging to me. We gotta merge and turn the guest room into the baby room. I think we are going to start moving some stuff out of the office this weekend. say a little prayer.