Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What I've been up to... the short version

sorry I've been kinda slackin on the posts...
Everything is great... lovin life...

until I got a wild hair and decided that I needed to re-do our master bath.

Why do you never realize how much work something is going to be until your knee deep in it? 

Here is my progress report...
I can't even say "after" in the second pic because there is still so much to do!
paint the doors
paint the windows
rehang mirror and add trim
paint mirror trim
prep and paint vanity
add accessories (the fun part)

The good news is... I really like it.
The bad news is... I'll be busy doing the bathroom (and not blogging) so I may be MIA the rest of the week. Wish I was on spring break or something... gotta head to work!