Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello 2014.

I love New Years more than Christmas. (not really, but almost). 

I love the newness of January, the possibilities, the cleaning and organizing of all.the.things. I love the purging that I've been putting off since last year, and how it just feels like there is a never ending supply of energy and willpower! New calendars and new found clarity about what I want my life to be about. my purpose.

We stopped doing new years resolutions a few years ago. we tried calling them goals one year, then one year we picked a word to focus on. everything gets forgotten. everything gets pushed aside for the regular responsibilities of life. I'm not sure how to keep the things that feel like THE MOST IMPORTANT GOAL EVER in January - still alive in June.

What I know is... 2013 was an awesome year. we had our fair share of hard times (like Chris traveling with work for weeks on end, and my dad being gone on the trail and my drivers license getting suspended) but many many many more amazing times. times with family and friends that sting tears in my eyes while I sit here and type this. an amazing year of blessings: watching my best friends daughter be born, praying over our boy before he went under anesthesia to get his tongue clipped, visiting my dad on the trail, trips to the beach and the mountains with our little family of three. and all of the days in between that make your heart swell. what I know is... that I would be blessed to have another year like 2013. that all I really need to focus on is God and my relationship with Him and that everything else will be what it will be. according to His plans and not mine (unfortunately. haha.) and that is all I know.

so there will be no 'loose 20 pounds' or 'stop drinking coke' or  'blog 4 times a week' or 'get more organized' or 'read the bible in a year' resolutions from me this year. we'll see how it goes. bring on 2014.

Happy New Year!