Sunday, February 5, 2012

our weekend

with only two more weeks before I head back to work we decided to take a short weekend away. The hubs, baby durham, cole-nugget and I all headed south to stay at a lake view cabin in Indian Springs. The weather was made to order... sunny and felt like 75' most of the time. We had the entire place to ourselves on Friday, I think we only saw one other couple the whole day. We hiked (we did not go the short way, I can promise you that), went down to Daucet Trails to see the animals, walked around by the lake, grilled out, played with the baby, and snuggled by the fire roasting marshmallows.

I love catching pictures of my boys together... there is something indescribable about the man you love being sweet and loving with your baby. It never gets old. I don't think it ever will.

Traveling with a 2 month old was not as scarey as we anticipated. We DID have to bring a TON more stuff and we are always heavy packers to begin with, so I'm surprised that cole even had room to ride in the car. haha. We used the pack-n-play for the first time, and durham loved it. We brought his sound machine from home and tryed to re-create his environment and routine as best we could. Seemed to work.

I am so glad we had a chance to sneak away... it was a great weekend!!