Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Friday!! Love, love, love...

The It's Friday, I'm In Love Series<

I am in love with the Braves...

{we are headed to a game tonight!}

I am in love with our friends...

{we have special house guests up from St. Pete this weekend}

I am in love with weddings...

{watching our friends get hitched in sunflower drenched goodness this weekend}

I am in love with football season...

{making these little football cake pops for our UGA party}

We have an awesome weekend planed.
What are you doing?

**all photos via google images**

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

{Weekend Wrapup} picture overload

Been a busy busy girl!
But, I can't wait to show you all the cool stuff we did over the weekend.
you know how it goes for me
holiday weekend = work
but we still managed to spend some time with family and friends

Mom was making 75 cupcakes for a baby shower at her church
 so SIL and I went over to help watch and talk gossip.

we ate these cupcakes and got game updates on our break

After work the hubs and I met his family at Salem Baptist Church
for their annual Labor Day fireworks.
We ate KFC on blankets and spent some time with our nieces and nephew.
Had a blast!

This is the line we waited in for funnel cake....
and right before we got there...
they ran out. boooooo.

{but granny's brownies were even better than funnel cake!}

the hubs and I had breakfast at

then we piddled around the house and yard getting it ready for our
big end of summer BBQ.

I had sent out these invitations a while back

Josh & Jada came over early and Walker & Cole met for the first time...
our dog is a total sissy!

and then we par-tay'd

BFF did the SMORE bar.... super cute!

When everyone left the hubs and I spent some quiet time holding hands
and rocking to the sound of the fire.. it was a wonderful weekend.
Thanks to all who made it so special!