Friday, June 17, 2011

Week 15

I can't believe we are almost 16 weeks pregnant!
Time has been going so quickly and so slowly at the same time...

I've been doing a "bump project" to see how my belly changes as the pregnancy progresses...
these are so popular right now, and I love the idea of being able to have special notes about each week that I may have otherwise forgotten.

So far I have not gained any weight, this is pretty much what I already looked like, 
but I know in the next few weeks it is bound to change...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yesterday felt like the weekend....

working retail means days off during the week.
But, since the hubs works a regular monday-friday job we rarely have days off together.
Yesterday he took the day off to play some golf with his friends
(so jealous of the school teachers that are soaking up summer right now).

I hit the pool with my favorites
Jackson got this new swim float from his bobby and he was swimming like a big boy.
It was my first pool day with them this year, so it was really fun to see how much more confident he was in the water and at the pool this year. He's gonna be a little fish in no time.

After pool time we went back to ra's...
I spent about 3 hours a while admiring the new stripes they painted... 
you've got to go see them. It's like straight from a magazine! I am so in love.

Before dinner we hit up Brian & Brandy's house to shoot our guns.
I love the home-made targets we were shooting at. (one was a hand drawn picture of a pedifile. who wouldn't want to shoot that!) Here's the boys being all manly, Christine and I (8 months, and 15 weeks pregnant respectively) sat mostly patiently and waited. Then we all went to olive garden.
::sigh:: delish.

although it FELT like the weekend yesterday, it sadly was not. 
The hubs and I are back at work today. boo.