Thursday, September 16, 2010

the BEST lemon cupcakes

The BEST Lemon Cupcakes...

The the cupcake request I get most often is lemon (and apple pie).

I'm gonna let you in on a little secret...

it's a cake mix

The reason the lemon cupcakes are always so good is because I add in a box of jello.

yes. lemon jello.

Just mix it right in and bake like normal.
so moist. so lemon-y. delish.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What we've been up to...

I feel like a bad blogger....
things have just been really (good) busy around here.

here are the past 5 days... in no particular order.

The man reason our weekend rocked... was that Jeb & Steph were getting married.
We had lots of friends in town and one particularly sweet couple staying with us.
The wedding was beautiful, and the after party was a lot of fun!

We hit up a braves game...
(thanks Tony)

I spent an hour wandering around this little place we call "cupcake heaven"

I stood in line in a sketchy package store to pick this up....
and have yet to make time to install it. But I'm super excited!

Carly & I made lots of yummy treats for our UGA football game.

My favorite picture... Cole watching football in a game day chair!

Allie & Bo playing with Cole...
this was his first time around kids and he did awesome!
they said "can Cole-Cole come home with us? Yall can have Jules!"

Lunch with these beautiful ladies.

My 6-week photography class started last night.
There are about 20 people, half cannon and half nikon.
We learned basics last night...
changing settings
shutter speed
white balance
I know I am going to learn alot...

Hope you all are doing well! Sorry I've been MIA from your blogs,
I promise to get caught up tomorrow night!! Have a wonderful Wednesday!!