Saturday, July 30, 2011

Office progress... we're getting there.

Sorry I have not updated you on anything in a while.
things are good.
busy, but good.

I worked in the office this afternoon (after a wonderful breakfast with my parents, and garage sale hopping with ra). I had to get down to business. We are still not finished, but there are really only 2 more things we are going to do

1. Get the map up on the canvas that is currently hanging between the windows.
2. build a frame from molding to go around the map hanging on the side wall. 

that is it. 
There is tons of other stuff we could do... like buy new desks, put in hardwood floors, buy a pull out sofa or day bed so that this room will also serve as a guest room. But the reality is... we've got a baby on the way (what? you haven't heard?) and I really need want to get to working on baby bears room.

So here is the current progress... minus the 2 things I listed above, we are pretty happy with how everything came out. What I didn't tell you in our original office post here is that we planned on only spending about $200, and I'm happy to report that we spent just that. Even with the new shelf in the closet, lots and lots of paint, a new office chair for the hubs, maps, canvas, and picture ledge we came in right on budget.

here are a couple of before and afters 
(I'm a sucker for these) 
and some big pictures too.

Just painting all that brown trim white made the BIGGEST difference.
We could have stopped there! haha

I should have used my tripod since it's so cloudy here... 
but I'm fat and lazy... so use your imagination with the pictures! :)


and now... 
I can focus on baby bear. whoot whoot!

These are the paint samples I have painted in his room...