Friday, June 3, 2011


I know that only a few people may really get where I'm coming from here...
Before you have kids... and you just have pets... these pets are more than pets.
They are your freakin' kids.

So when we headed out to St. Pete last week and dropped the nugget off at my brother and sister-in-laws it was rough. Not because we were worried about them taking good care of him (they have two sweet dogs of their own) but we were worried about Cole. He is an only child. And, he is a sissy. He does not like other dogs and he is so needy. I was just sure he was going to have a panic attack in his new surroundings.

Much to our surprise, after a day or two he actually started to like his cousin-doggies. Bro & sis were so good about sending us picture updates... thought I would share a few with you.

 Special snacks for the slumber party...

 I love this one... it shows what a high maintance dog he is... 
on the pillow and everything! LOL

Then aunt shanna got the dogs some cute outfits!
Chris: "why is my dog wearing a bedazzled dress?"
Daryl: "it's not a dress, it's a muscle-t, and yes, it's bedazzled because your dog is a sissy"

Thanks for watching Cole for us guys! You're the best!


Mrs. A (aka Katie) said...

LOL- love it! Our dogs are totally our kids. I don't think human children are in our future, so it drives me nuts when people act like our dogs aren't as important as their kids. When, we probably take better care of our dogs than some of them do their kids. How was St Pete? LOOOOVE it there!

Morgan said...

Haha, muscle t.... It looks like Cole had a fun time with his cousins!

Shanna said...

Aww! You're welcome!! We loved having Cole nugget, he's an awesome cuddler! You know we feel the same way about Ginny and Nala, they are my children, and Cole is our nephew!

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