Monday, November 7, 2011

Nursery Details

Thanks for all the love on Durham's Nursery Reveal yesterday!
We are so thrilled with how everything came out... the hubs and I are often joking that baby D has the nicest room in our house. haha

Here are the details/sources/links to some of the things in his room... 
if you don't see something listed and want to know JUST ASK, we are happy to share.

1. THE BOOK LEDGES: I was inspired by some from IKEA... we have one in our Kitchen and one in our Office already... but, even though they are very affordable at $10 each ($60 for 6) I was not sure I wanted to spend that much. So, my dad made them... and mom sanded and painted them. They are one of my very favorite things in the room. To make your own... this is a great tutorial to follow.

2. THE BOOKS: Durham is one lucky little guy to have such a library! At one of my Baby Showers the invitation included wording like this "we have one request we hope isn't too hard, please sign your name to a book instead of a card. Then mom and dad will be ready when baby arrives, to read to little Durham for the rest of his life!" How stinkin' cute is that! We got so many great books at all of our showers and we can't wait for him to get here so we can start reading!

3. THE CURTAINS: These are Eclipse Black Out (and energy efficient) window panels from WALMART. I love how dark they make the room when they are closed... we got the "dark blue" which is almost black. $22. Also, the hardware came from Walmart (link to the rod here) but I couldn't find the clips. Same section and brand though.

4. BOAT: One of my friends, Hannah, found this at a garage sale for $4. GO HANNAH!

5. GRACO SWING: This was a gift from one of the hubs brothers. (we totally lucked out being the last to have kids on his side... so many awesome everyone has been so generous). I believe this is the model on Amazon.

6. CRIB SKIRT: I actually made this myself! White fabric, and two strips of blue ribbon and one strip of yellow (that I didn't even sew on! I just used no sew tape! haha)

7. BLANKETS: Amazing hand knitted/crocheted blankets made with love by some very special people. I joke that I will never let him use them except for pictures. haha

8. BOAT MOBILE: I think this is my very favorite thing in the entire room. I saw it on this blog and I searched and searched and searched to find it. FINALLY, I found it (this was months ago, it's obviously easier to find now... just saw 12 sites online that carry it! haha) and bought it from The Ancient Mariner.

9. THE CRIB: Long story short... the crib also came from WALMART. It is the Graco Lauren 4-1 Convertible Crib in Espresso. We had some issues with the original order (not from walmart) and with the color/finish... but, everything worked out and we I got exactly what we I wanted.

10.THE CHAIR/PILLOWS: Like I mentioned yesterday, we have not settled on a chair/glider/rocker/recliner yet. These are BIG decisions people, so for right now, this is a chair from our living room. Bestie made the pillows for me (like the day after we picked his name). She's sweet like that... I keep encouraging her to open an etsy shop.

1. THE DRESSER: is from IKEA. $300 and really beautiful in person. We love it so much we are thinking about purchasing one for our master bedroom. Dad, doesn't that sound like fun? Putting that together again! HAHA

2. CHANGING PAD: gifted, but the pad and the cover are from Babies R Us.

3. HAMPER: How cute and nautical is this! It was in the basket section of Hobby Lobby. Regualar $30 (but 1/2 off... so I got it for $15) whoot!

4. BLUE GLASS JARS: Thrifted

5. DURHAM SIGN: I bought the wooden letters from Walmart (I liked the more "boyish" font than the ones I had seen at Michaels or HobLob) and mom painted them white and mounted them to the other piece of wood (Home Depot) with wood glue. I love how it turned out.

6.WALL COLOR: BEHR Velvet Sky (it is a cross between blue and gray)

1. GROWTH RULER: I was inspired by Pinterest to do this Pottery Barn knock-off growth chart... (see the bloggers tutorial here) the stain came out a little darker than I had wanted, but it's not as dark in person as it is in this photo. I can't wait to start marking his growth and milestones. :)

2. & 3. OAR & BOUY: Both came from HomeGoods. Bestie and I LOVE that store.


OK, I think that about sums it up. Completing his room has been such a labor of love.... there are some days where I just walk in there and stare at stuff... thinking about when he'll be playing with this or sleeping in that... right now all we can do is day dream. 
I can't wait for an outside baby!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Durham's Nursery Reveal

This is an emotional post to write...

I'm sure partly to blame on these 36 week hormones and partly just because we are so overwhelmed by the love that our friends and family have already shown our sweet baby boy. To have people that genuinely feel as excited about Durham as we are is such a blessing and we know that we are so lucky to be where we are.

Let me paint the picture for you a little... we live in a 3 bedroom house. Before we got pregnant we were using one room as a guest room and one room as an office. BOTH rooms were FULL of stuff we thought we needed/were using but once we got to purging and organizing we were able to combine them both into an organized space that we really enjoy. (although we currently don't have a place for guests to sleep besides a blow up mattress ::sorry josh:: but we are working on that). Check out the office progress posts here and here and the office reveal here.

This was the progression the last time I updated... we went from a guest room to empty when we cleaned out the office and sold the bed. It sat empty while we debated paint colors. Then family came over and helped us knock out the painting and the hubs put up the curtains and built the crib.
:::dun, dun, dun:::
the baby showers happened.
and as floods of presents came in, his room started filling up. 

I'm not going to lie... Durham's room looked like this for a minute... haha. I slowly started taking tags off and washing things and organizing... but this big 'ol belly got in the way sometimes.  This weekend (my last weekend off before he comes) the hubs and I hunkered down and finished up. I'm sure his room will always be evolving. Since we are first time parents we don't really know what will work for us so as we make changes I'll be sure to revisit and share. And, we are still shopping for a rocker/glider/recliner... we just put a chair from our living room in there for now.

Durham's Nursery

check back tomorrow for the details/links post.
we are happy to share where we bought/got everything, or how we made it
so if you have a specfic want or need just leave it in the comments. :)