Saturday, July 21, 2012

Six Flags over Georgia

Friday we went to Six Flags.
yes. all of us.

For the past few years Chris's parents have taken everyone to six flags. The years past have involved broken rides, 40' weather, lots of throw up, and crying kids. I know, it's hard to imagine why we keep going, but we do. This year, was the absolute best year yet. It was slightly overcast, warm but not too hot. The kids were angles, all four of them ages 7, 5, almost 2 and 7 months. We took turns watching the kids and riding rides, ate $15 chicken fingers and $5 ice cream, and just enjoyed all the company. I'm excited for next year when Durham will be around Ava's age... this was her first time to ride the kiddy rides and she loved it! 

and seriously, watch this video...hysterical!