Sunday, July 1, 2012

Durham is 7 months!

seven months

How did we get here? 
How did we go from itty bitty to big boy over night? 
How did I let myself blink?

Today we are celebrating 7 months with our sweet little guy. Our little D-bo, baby d, turtle head, fatty-fatty, baby Durham. We are so lucky that God choose us to be your parents, we thank Him for you every single day. You are such a joy and you make us laugh all the time. 

In some ways 7 months is the same as the last few months before... 
-you are still a great sleeper. you take 3 good naps a day (one for 2.5 hours and two for about 1.5 hours each). you go to bed around 7pm and sleep till the morning.
-you love bath time. and we found out a couple of weeks ago that you love pool time and ocean time too! you are our little water baby.
-you love to watch Jackson play. you never take your eyes off him when we are together.
-you love to dance in the kitchen with mommy. it's been our special thing since you were really small... crank up the tunes and hug dance forever. just me and you.

Some cool new things...
-you learned to sit up! you went from being a non-sitter to a sitter over night and have never looked back. you are starting to pick yourself up from boppy-lay-down position to sitting, but have not gone from laying down to sitting on your own yet.
-you eat food now! chomp. chomp. chomp. you may only have 2 teeth, but that does not stop you from chewing all your bites. you have had organic oatmeal, bananas, pears, carrots, green beans, avocado, watermelon and we are trying squash today!
-you are rolling and scooting everywhere. it makes us laugh at how many positions you move to while in your crib at night. and when you are playing in the living room on the floor, if we turn our head for one second you are rolling over to the wall and playing with the curtains!
-you can ride in the shopping cart now! you love being up high and helping mommy pick out your food at the grocery store.
-watching you talk and play with yourself in the mirror is my favorite thing. you love that sweet baby in the mirror, and I do too.
-we put your swing up on the front porch... it is your FAVORITE place to be. 

the stats:
-you weigh 19.6lbs and are 28 inches tall.
-your hair is starting to grow in more, it's blond like daddy. The patch on the top of your head is curly and fluffy.
-your eyes are still blue like daddys. More blue somedays than others.
-still only two teeth on the bottom, but you are teething hard core right now, so there may be more soon!

This is such a fun age... you are interacting and responding, you know your name, and the sound of mommy & daddy's voices. You have an opinion, and a BIG personality and we just love watching you grow. I look forward to what this month will bring... but, please slow down baby d, mommy wants you to stay little a bit longer.

Happy 7 month birthday my sweet baby... we love you!