Tuesday, September 13, 2011

catching up...randomly

my friend Kimberly gave me some closet dividers she had left over from when she did her baby boys closet... I spray painted them with my chalkboard spray paint and added a few sizes. This is a great project for first time moms since it is near impossible to tell the size of the clothes by just looking at them when you are first starting out. 
You can buy these blank ones at The Container store if you are in the market. :)


the hubs wanted me to take his picture before he got started putting the baby's crib together...
he thought he was funny because he brought in his hammer. Always a jokester! :)
We have been busy working in the nursery and I will try to get a progress post up next week.

I got a feather.
Be jealous... not only of my feather, 
but of my piss-ass facial expression in this picture. haha

This is quite possibly the most dissapointing before and after I have ever posted.
I spent a good 3-4 hours cleaning out/boxing up/washing/folding clothes...
I took out some of my too.small.for.baby.belly. summer stuff and put it up for next year, and brought in all my new maternity clothes. You can HARDLY tell a difference in the photos, but it is much easier to get ready in the morning. :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our weekend...

The hubs surprised me this weekend...

hubs: "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever... how about we get away tonight just us."
me: "for real?"
hubs: "go get your stuff around, I'll make us a hotel reservation."
me: "done! eeeeepppppppp!"

  we headed over to Maddison... only about an hour from where we live.
Hubs had gotten a last.minute.discount.rate. at this hotel. gorgeous!! 

It was wonderful.

We walked around the beautiful square... shopped in antique stores and thrift shops...
got some game day snacks and watched our dawgs battle their little hearts out (it was such a close game). We got dressed (this is about as fancy as I get with this baby bump!) and went to eat at a place that we both frequented when we were in college. The best part was after dinner we walked by a park and sat on a huge swing and just rocked and talked for hours... it is always so good to connect... even though we are together. sleeping. in the same bed every night. It is so good to really BE TOGETHER.

trying to get a photo of the two of us before our dinner out...
shutter speed had to be so.low. that I had to use the flash. bleh.
what a dirty mirror... we didn't even notice!

 and a few of my favorite things at some of the thrift stores...
I'll have to snap some pictures of what we bought too... 


Hope you all had an awesome weekend...