Thursday, November 4, 2010

She called me out on it....

My post for Tuesday included an update to the artwork on my kitchen chalkboard...
bestie called me out on it (via text message, not blog comment, thanks ra)
She said there was no way that I had drawn that free hand (what can I say, she knows my skill level)

So I spilled the beans to her, and now I'll share with you...

Google "turkey"
print out a page size image of your favorite image
turn the paper over on the counter, printed side down
take your chalk, long ways, and rub the back of the image
turn the paper over and lay it in place on your chalkboard
use something pointed but DULL 
(handle of a spoon, pointy part of a pen cap... nothing that will scratch through the paper)
trace the part of your image that you need help with
on the Turkey I did the outline and then filled it in with colored chalk

I in NO WAY do I think that chalkboards need to be perfect, I change mine out very frequently and usually free hand what is there... but I wanted a Turkey on this one... and gosh darn it I tried about 4 times and I kept getting frustrated. After the last attempt, I asked the hubs "what does this look like to you?" he said "Cole?" um no, not our dog, a darn turkey! So I gave up and semi-stenciled the thing! LOL

Here are a few of my favorites from the past couple of months... looking forward to Christmas ones!! :)


Today I am thankful for knowing how to shoot without the on-board flash... 
look what a nasty color the kitchen looks when I use it.... bleh. Thank you Photography 101!


Nichole said...

Love the Turkey, so cute!!

Totally off topic, but thought I would ask...
When you make your lemon cupcakes(with a box of lemon jello) you use a lemon flavored cake mix? Also, what frosting do you think would go best with lemon cupcakes?

Any help would be great- Thanks!!!

Julie @ My Life...Inspired said...

Ha thats too funny! It is a cute turkey though so you did a great job with your semi-stenciling!I love that you have a chalkboard in your kitchen, such a cute idea :)

mommara said...

Hahaha bwhahaha you didn't have to spill the beans your secrets are always safe with me. Movies.

Cisilia "cc" said...

You two are so funny. I so need to find that perfect chalk board. I love being and admitting to all of blog world. I copy and am proud of it

bananas. said...

just so you know your stenciled turkey inspired me to finally change mine from "happy halloween" to "i'm thankful for...[fill in the blank]". so thank you :)

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