Friday, November 5, 2010

Cinamon & Pumpkin Swirl Cupcakes


I was walking around Walmart yesterday and I passed this huge display they had on a center isle... the banner above it said "Holiday Baking" so you know I stopped to see what they had going on... mostly filled with chocolate chips and pie crusts, but I spotted some pumpkin spice jello pudding (yall know how I love some pudding filled cupcakes) so whipped these up last night and they are delicious!!

(I lost my mind and put the entire can of pumpkin puree (it's the smaller size not the jumbo) in the cake mix, but you should probably only do about 1 cup because they were so moist they fell a little flat. still yummy though)

The Hello Fall printables are free to download here from it is what it is.... aren't they super cute!?!


I'll be back this afternoon with the lipgloss winners and what I'm thankful for today....

also, a BIG Happy Birthday to my friend over at Delicious Ambiguity. Pop over and wish her a wonderful day if you can!


Michele said...

I love the "Holiday Baking" section at Wal-Mart. It always reminds me of my grandma. I'm new to your blog, but I'm really enjoying all of the baking tips. Very helpful and fun!

Julie @ My Life...Inspired said...

pumpkin spice pudding???? yum! I usually make my own with cheesecake pudding and canned pumpkin which is very good but pumpking spice pudding???? haha yup definitely going to walmart this weekend. Thanks for the heads up!

A.Leo said...

Thanks for the happy birthday, Pam! That was so sweet :) And again, these cupcakes look like yet another lovely creation that I'm going to add to my baking to-do list!

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