Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wishing-Well Wednesday

{{Can someone loan me 5 pennys... it's not in the budget this week}}

1. I wish it was summer. Or even that the weather would act more like April. please.
2. I wish sleeping with the tv on an infomercial for Rosetta Stone would help me learn another language.
3. I wish there was a magic pill that would give you motivation. (crack is not a pill people, gosh)
4. I wish I could figure out what I want for my birthday... I'm thinking the DROID. Anyone have one?
5. I wish my dog smelled like a freshly squeezed lemon. Who came up with funky-dog-smell anyway.


mommara said...

Hahah! Love it.

1. Yes Please
2. Man me too I would be rockin at like 3 languages and Bub;s would be a master by 2.
3.Didn't you teach this to bubs yesterday. :) Crack is Wack!
4.Fun, Fun
5.The same person that came up with stinky little boy feet. Sheeew EEE

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