Thursday, March 4, 2010

Serious Shadow Box Inspiration

I am seriously PPHing on some shadow boxes this month. I have 2 in the "craft room" waiting on something to be done with them... If I can just make up my mind. There is SO.MUCH.INSPIRATION. floating around these days. Let me share... {links below if available}

How cute were all of those!!! I can't wait to start crafting...


Kelley said...

YES!!!!! I am totally doing the shoes if I have a little girl. I can't wait to get my coupons this sunday so I can work on my own shadowbox project! You've inspired me!

KLaw said...

Those are all amazing! I LOVE the butterflies. Swoon! And the little girls shoes? I die :)

mommara said...

Oh that baby shoes one is precious. Hmmm. I may need to round up his old ones!

Joyeful said...

LOVIN those little baby shoes! And the butterfly one is gorgeous, too!

Lovely to "meet" you! Your header is beautiful--what a dream wedding!

theultimate said...

Those are great shadowboxes!!

And I love your four-leaf clover shadowbox that you made in the post below. Fabulous job!

I'm loving your wedding pictures too, so beautiful!

I myself am getting married in a few months so seeing those beautiful pictures made the excitement swell up more.

I found your blog through j-a-girl and now I'm getting a ton of ideas for fun projects from you!

I'll go read your whole blog now... haha!

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