Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Meme...

I've been tagged... to compile 6 random things about me that you may not know. It's going to be hard to think of 6 random things. But here we go...

1. I get randomly addicted to things. Not necessarily things that I should not be addicted to (like alcohol or drugs) but, websites, certain foods, TV shows and friends. I will go for weeks eating the same thing for lunch because I like it so much. Right now, I am so stuck on PBJ and chicken noodle soup if I don't eat it for lunch tomorrow I would break out into a cold sweat.

2. I love to write letters (the old fashioned way). With cute stationary and cards... I write to my grandma, girlfriends from elementary school, and my cousins from out of state several times a month. I am very computer savy, but writing letters is a simple pleasure that I refuse to give up.

3. I want to get to the next level and get it over with! It is exhausting trying to get one rung up on that corporate ladder. I am oblivious to the office politics unless it is pointed out to me and I can't stand people that try to sabotage someone else just to get ahead. I've been "working smarter, not harder" for a couple of years and I am ready to reap the rewards. I want to get it over with! UGH!

4. I love my Godson more than life itself. From the very minute my tear filled eyes saw him my world was forever changed. My most passionate responsibility is being this little angels "nanny" and I can not remember my life before him. I am so thankful.

5. I fart in the stockroom when I'm back there alone... yup. I said it. No explanation necessary.

6. I have a list of things I want to do... short term, long term, longer term. My mind is always thinking "wouldn't it be fun if..." and although I don't always make everything happen (there are only 24 hours in my day) I make a mental note to do that sometime. 2009 is going to be my year to do a lot of new things... gonna try the "wife" thing on and see how it fits. :)


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