Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Strawberry Picking

this morning was overcast...
we have gotten a ton of rain in the past couple days. even hail in some parts. we headed out and went strawberry picking anyway. perfect weather. We went last year too. d was so little. this year was so fun to watch him 'get it'. he would say 'yeaaaa' for himself when he picked one, and clap when he tossed it in the bucket. when we got home we made strawberry muffins with our bounty of strawberries. I'll be interested to see if he will try one when he gets up from his nap. we tried strawberries once, and they made his lips look a little irritated and he didn't love them so we just haven't tried again. we will absolutely be heading back. so lucky that this orchard is so close to our house.

strawberry picking 2012



emily said...

How fun!! I love that he helped bake too!

(if only I liked strawberries!)

Jessica said...

So cute! What is he standing on to help?? It looks like something made specially for kids?

kirkandmona said...

Sweetest morning ever!!! I love every single pic!! I love that he loves to help cook!

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