Tuesday, April 30, 2013

origrami instagram prints

If you haven't printed your instagram photos yet... what are you waiting for?! 
since we use our phones to capture everyday moments, instagram holds a ton of memories for us. I usually use snapstagram, who I love, but then I heard of a new company and I tried them the last time I ordered prints.


origrami is a 4x5 double sided instagram with a front polaroid style print. the back is either a photo map (if you selected a location) or a design background. each print has the date included on the back also!! These are not printed on glossy photo paper like snapstagram, but a thick cardstock. 
36 prints for $19.95 shipped. (that's .55 cents a print) #worthit

only down side is that they do take a bit of time to get to you... these took 13 days, where as the snapstagram I usually get in 2 days. andplusalso, they did not pay me to talk about them... I just really love them that much. xoxo



Snapstagram said...

Wow! Thanks a ton for the shout out and kind words. These prints are so awesome. Love the photo map on the back.

Anyway, we always love finding bloggers who are spreading the Snapstagram love. Feel free to shoot us an email at info[at]snapstagram.com and we would love to hook you up with a set of prints on the house!

Thanks again for the awesome post!


lola davis said...

Thanks for sharing!print instagram photos

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