Thursday, April 25, 2013

crimson clovers

I don't know where anything is. I'm lucky to know how to get to target and back. everyone makes fun of us because we don't usually venture past jonesboro road. we don't go out to eat in atlanta, we don't venture out. we stay close to home. I like it that way.

bestie knew of this awesome clover field.
in the country.
like way past jonesboro road.

we packed up the kids and rode down there. a little too early for the yummy light, but we had a great time playing momtogs and making memories with the littles. most of these are pictures ra took. pretty much if you like it- she took it. but I watermarked them all mine so jankey people don't copy them and claim our cute kids as their own. 

it is such a treat to have pictures of the two of us together. this one is my very favorite. this is so us right now. durham is 16 months and a total momma's baby. he is always clutching to me and wanting me. I love his little smirk. I love the crimson clovers. and I love my new distressed jeans that make me feel 25. ::wink::


Christine said...

so cute! I love all of the pictures! My favorites are the one where you're holding D and the one with Ra, Jackson, and Lena! GREAT pictures :)

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