Monday, June 6, 2011

A Baby Shower & A Wedding Shower

What a good time we had with friends and family...
One of Chris's BFF's is gonna be a DADDY! We Celebrated Tony & Christine at a baby shower that literally showered baby Sawyer with tons of cute clothes and gifts. She is gonna be one loved little girl! I was thrilled to make the cupcakes (redvelvet with creamcheese frosting) and Christine's sister, mom, and grandma did all the food and decorating. Christine had the cutest little girl helping her open presents, and my favorite gift is in the last photo... a special present her gramma made. 
It was adorable! 
Here are just a few pictures...


We also celebrated with Stephen & Caroline who are getting married in just a few weeks. They are the cutest couple (and have the cutest little dogie-baby named peanut.) My mom hosted a wisdom shower (we had one for our wedding too) where people send in words of wisdom for the couple, the man, and their favorite recipes. I love reading all the cards and getting a little wisdom for myself too! My parents are the perfect hosts, we had such great food and company. They did a cookout and a sleepover for just the girls. I'm too old to be staying up past midnight! ::sigh::
Here are a few pictures... don't worry ladies, I left out the ones of us in our PJs.

on a side note... I have not hardly picked up my camera in what feels like months... and it shows! All my stuff is overexposed and blurry! UGH! I suck!


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I love the shoe stand!! "A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes!" Red velvet cupcakes are my favorite! They look so yummy!!!!

Morgan said...

I think the pictures look great! Those cupcakes look amazing too!

kristy.lynn@kristy.makes said...

i'm curious?... your cupcakes look amazing! i tried for the first time to do piping like this, & it was an epic FAIL! i'm assuming it was because after all of the baking & making i did, i totally took the cheaters route & used store bought icing. i had a #12 tip i think? ya know the big circle, but it SO did not turn out like this. what kind of icing do you use?

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