Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Night

cell phone photo dump...
sorry I've been a little absent.

Thought I would fill you in by sharing the photos from my phone from the past week....

::game night with the Holders... including some amazing brownies::

::jury duty::

::wearing my new shirt BFF handed down::

::got a wild hair and decided to re-organize my craft closet.
Pulled everything out and strew it all over the living room
then had to put it all back::

::Bestie brought us real king cake. Straight from NOLA for Mardi Gras::

::yummy hot dogs from Sonic. yes. sonic::

::shopping and lunch with ra and Jackson. I can't get over how BIG he is getting::

::dad and brother took me out to shoot my gun. 2 Bullseyes!! I'm so hardcore!::

::the easiest way to make rainbow cupcakes::

::rainbow cupcakes::

::I am in love with this pink and white watch from Fossil::

::hubs spreading grass seed and watering in the back yard::

::spring = fresh snacks in the bird feader::

::and hot dogs on the grill::

I've been having a great week...
and feeling so very blessed.


Lori said...

You made me want hot dogs for dinner! :)

Isabella's Mommy.... said...

Looks like a busy week! Love Sonic's slushes & they are half off during happy hour! ;-)

kirkandmona said...

Whatever bug you got that made you want to clean out your craft closet--I sure hope I don't catch it. he he. Love the new shirt--hand me overs from BFFs are the best!

mommara said...

LOving the closet clean out. I need to catch that bug. :)

theultimate said...

Love those rainbow cupcakes! They look so cute!

A.Leo said...

omg that pink watch = love. I just got a new fossil watch with some Christmas money and it is fabulous. You should so get it. :)

Jane. said...

Happy Birthday Pam!!! I hope that you have a wonderful day! I have to let you know here since I can't get on facebook!

The Hill House said...

Happy birthday today!! Hope it's a great one!!!

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