Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summah-time List {update}

Exactly {one} month ago I posted about my Summer To-Do list.
A list of things that I wanted to make time for. accomplish. play. do.

Having this list has been amazing. I have it framed on the corner of my desk.
I look at it daily. mentally checking things off as we do them. It has been a wonderful month.

homemade icecream
new cupcake recepies
drive in movie
week at the beach
one book read
long walks with cole
lots and lots of flipflops

Looking forward to another fun filled month of Summer.

Did you make a summer checklist?


mommara said...

sweet! I need to go back and see what we have done! Love you~

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I havent made a summer check list...but I definitely should!

Angela said...

That list is SO cute!!! I love it!!!

Haley said...

Great idea! I should make one of those! I have a question for you...what camera do you use? I really love your photos! :)

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