Monday, September 17, 2012

nine and a half months

That is how old fatty is now... 
I can't believe it. This year is flying by. 

I am knee deep in:
first birthday planning and work
baby snuggles and slobber
toys and little bites of food can be found in my bra and purse at any time
five tooth smiles and a hundred night time checks
I am knee deep and loving it.

I haven't written a true update in quite a while, so there is quite a lot to share. This blog is a record of our life, and I want to make sure I put it down so I can remember. These memories might seem small but they are all consuming to us.

mommy & daddy:
We are doing great. Hubs stays super busy providing for us, and I have no idea where he gets all of his energy from. He is still working full time & part time and in school for his masters! one.more.year. We are looking forward to celebrating our 3 year anniversary this week with a date night (our 3rd one since Durham was born). I'm still working and then racing home to be with mini-me. Over the past 2 months I have completely weaned off my PPD meds. I'm not perfect, but I am feeling again and it is rejuvenating. I have good days, and great days, and a bad day mixed in there sometimes but overall I am doing better than ever. My BFF is pregnant (she finally announced last week!) and I spend lots of brain power thinking about their new baby. We are having family pictures taken next month and then the crazy holiday season begins! I've been good at planning things so I can make it all happen, but I'm going to have to do even better with work picking up.

Big boy is growing growing growing! At his 9month appointment he weighed in at 22.7lbs and was 30inches long. He had his first shot at this appointment and he did good... we both cried, but he didn't have any cranky days or fevers following so I'd call that a win. 

He wears 12-18 month clothes and has 5 teeth (four on bottom and one on top). He still loves bath time most, we do most baths in the big bath tub, but I sometimes use the kitchen sink because it is easier on my back. Either way he is always splishing-and-splashing.

Durham is so much fun right now! He is crawling all over the place (and fast too!) pulling up on everything and letting go.... standing alone for a second and then plopping down. His favorite place to be is standing next to the ottoman. He scoots around it all day and leaps from the ottoman to the sofa and to your leg and back again.  

He is still taking 2 good naps a day, one around 10am for 2 hours and one around 2pm for an hour or longer. We have weaned to 4 bottles a day, and he eats 3 meals of 'bites' and a snack or two. His favorite finger foods are blueberries, grapes, cheese, peas and waffles. He also loves applesause, squash, and yogurt.

D says 'mama' and 'dada' all the time (and knows who he is talking about when he says it!) and a couple of times we have heard him say 'bye'. His favorite book is 'B is for Bear' it's one of those touch and feel... we stay on the duck page forever because it is too cute how he pets the baby ducks fur. 
:: swoon:: 

We call him Durham, d-bo, fatty, turtle head, mommy's baby, baby-d, and d-bear... 
he calls me 'mama' and it is the sweetest most heart melting thing I have ever heard.


kirkandmona said...

I'm feeling that 'falling in love' feeling all over again--that makes about the twenty-millionth time!!! He looks so grown up in that first picture--don't do that any more. ha ha. I love watching you grow into the best Mamma in the world!

Melanie Richardson said...

I wanted to know if you are creating a scrapbook/photobook for D where you include all the stuff you post on the blog for when he gets older? They just grow sooo fast.

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