Sunday, July 22, 2012

Feeding Durham

A few people have asked "what is Durham eating now"... 
the answer is: Just about everything!

Obviously this little baby is not starving. Those thighs speak for themselves. And while he is not eating EVERYTHING, he does have quite a variety on his list of allowed foods. I've been using this website Wholesome Baby Food from the beginning and it really made it easy to know what was/was not recommended at each stage of his development. We started making and offering him food (other than his bottle) when he turned 6-months old and he has been such a good eater from the start! Since we waited until he was 6-months to start, we just started with the 4-month foods on the chart and worked our way down, he'll be 8-months old next week and he's had everything except dairy and protein in the 4-6 & 6-8 month charts.

I have this printed out from the wholesome baby food website and hanging on my fridge, when he has finished a food (we do the 3-day rule) we cross it off the list and start incorporating something new. So far he has had no allergic reactions and he'll eat anything we put in front of him. He does have his favorites like bananas and peas, and things that are not his favorites like green beans but he still eats it all.

I do choose to make his food myself, I enjoy doing it and I feel it is a healthy way for him to try flavors and textures that you don't find in store bought food. 
I did buy Gerber Prunes the other day... I couldn't figure out why I couldn't find fresh prunes (I've never eaten one) until my MIL told me they are made from plums... then she made sure I knew that raisins are made from grapes. yeah. I knew that one. :)

Another great resource, if you are looking into making your baby some delicious home made food, is this post from styleberry blog. Not only are the pictures stunning, but I love her passion around feeding and nourishing her baby. beautiful.

You might not even have to buy anything to get started... a few ice cube trays, a blender or food processor (this is the one I use) and some organic fruits and veggies! Now that Durham is trying to master the pincher grasp, we are just cubing his fresh fruits for him to eat with his hands. it is so fun!!

I know this route is not for everyone, I just wanted to share our experience and how positive it has been. Enjoy!


Tony Harris said...

We had a hard time finding prunes also but Christine found sunsweet brand prunes that come in a round container and also some other brand that come individually wrapped. It might be something to try if you don't want to do the gerber version.

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