Thursday, July 26, 2012

Eat, Play, Eat, Sleep, Repeat

When Durham was 2-months old I posted about our "routine"... I preferred to delusionaly call it a routine so that people wouldn't give me dagger eyes that I had my 2-month old on a "schedule" but, to each their own, and it has really worked well for us. Durham was thriving on his eat, play, sleep schedule until he hit 7 months and he slowly started dropping the third nap. (yes, three naps a day until 7 months, I am blessed). I was more than ready for it though, many times I had told bestie that I couldn't wait till he went to 2 naps so I would have more awake time with him during the day. When he had dropped the third nap for 4 days in a row (about a week ago) I started him on his new "schedule" and now he is in the grove and we are all loving it.

We subscribe to the rule of 'never wake a sleeping baby' so if he sleeps past 7am, so be it. If he sleeps past 12:30pm for his morning nap, so be it. We just adjust the schedule back some. It doesn't hurt anything it just means he'll be up a little later with us. :)

I just thought I would share because I really enjoy knowing/seeing what other babies are doing that are Durham's age, and I now know that there are a few momma's that have a baby Durham's age because they emailed and told me about them when I decided to go private! I'm so happy to have them here! ::waves hi mommies::


Melanie Richardson said...

Thanks for posting. I have my little one on a routine also and am making adjustments now that she is eating solids. Love seeing what others are doing.

Julia said...

Thanks for sharing! My 6 month old has a bottle 5x a day about every 3 hours and food 2x a day. We have been doing this same schedule for a while and she recently cut out her last nap and then her 2nd nap. Glad to see someone's else schedule!

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