Monday, June 27, 2011

Office progress...

prepare yourself...
it's not much to look at.

but we worked hard, and I know you want an update.

I didn't take a photo before the hubs started pulling everything out of the office closet and preparing "keep" and "trash" piles, so just image it without all that crap on the floor.

my dad came over and helped the hubs build a 2nd shelf in the closet...
(Thanks Dad!)
making room for us to store our printers in there and get rid of a HUGE table that was in the room.
We moved our desks to the wall the table was on previously
(you can see that red table cloth in the picture above, that's the wall)
and now we have space on the window wall for a pull out sofa.

oops. this cluster was my fault. I didn't realize I was making such a rats nest,
but the hubs untangled everything without even getting mad at me. :)

so the next plan of attack
1. paint the walls (tomorrow) with Behr: Skyline Steel paint
2. Paint the trim with Behr: simply white paint
3. purchase new window treatments
4. decide on wall decor
5. shop around for a new pull-out sofa (we may drag this out several months)

I'll keep you updated on progress!


mommara said...

Yayy. Dude, that is a ton of wires! Can't wait to see what Skyline Steel looks like.

Holly said...

I love before and afters! Great progress! :)

The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Wow!!! Those are a lot of wires!! That's usually what happens to me as well...I'm glad I'm not the only one :D You should see my office at work!! I can't wait to see it painted and done!!

Lori said...

That has to feel so good! I love getting things cleaned out!

The Hill House said...

Can't wait to see how it turns out!!

Mrs. A (aka Katie) said...

Oh hunny- that isn't bad at all! You should be my guest bedroom (aka the hoarder room for a REASON). It's scary! You can't even walk in there, and we're very close to not being able to open the door. It's on our MUST DO list for this week OR ELSE! Best of luck with the redecorating! I'm sure it will be fantastic!

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